Tuesday 23 August 2011

Models Own sale

I almost wished I hadn't seen this, but I did, so I have to tempt you too. (This clearly only applies to people who like nail varnish). Currently Models Own are offering 50% off everything with the discount code FIFTYFIFTY. Luckily the code lasts for seven days, as the website is going pretty mental and won't let me check out (although it is lunchtime, so this makes sense!).

I'm going to get the nail art pen (which I've wanted for a while and will mean NO MORE kirby/broken brush) and the pastel set. I feel so indulgent.


  1. Uh oh.... shouldn't have told us this..... i've actually got my credit card ready!! LETS DO SOME SHOPPING! lets do some damage! xxx

  2. I'm actually tempted to go and buy more, which is clearly a Bad Idea. Ah! x


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