Friday, 2 March 2012

Topshop make up

I feel like I've been in a bit of a make up rut recently so as a wee treat, I bought myself a couple of items from Topshop's make up range. I went for the highlighter in Sunbeam (a lovely shimmering golden shade) and blush in Head Over Heels (a coral/peachy shade). They looked really nice in the packaging and were a fairly decent price (£9 and £6 respectively). 

Application was easy - both are highly pigmented, so it didn't take much to show up! You only need a small sweep of the highlighter, so be careful if you don't want to look like a discoball!

Here's how they look on my (pale) face...

I'm really pleased with them! Because I'm quite pale (and rubbish with make up application) I need to be quite careful that I don't look like a doll/child playing dress-up when putting blush on, but I like that I get a natural rosy look with this! The highlighter is also quite subtle, and just perks my face up a bit.

Lovely stuff! I'd definitely try more make up from Topshop after this.


  1. I just recently bought some Topshop bits too! I got the cream blush in neon rose and by golly it's pigmented. I really want to try head over heels and any others they bring, especially being so affordable :)

    Id really recommend the lipsticks too, I have innocent and oh la la and they're gorgeous!


  2. These look great! Although not sure I can justify any make up treats this month... :( Also LOVE their nail varnishes

    1. I am in full-on savings mode at the moment, but have found the only way I can sustain it is to buy a couple of small treats at the start of the month.. then I don't feel so hard done by! x

  3. I love topshop make-up! so good and at such a good price! I bought their mascara as a cheap tide-me-over until i could by my usual YSL and never went back.

    -Ani x

  4. wow your eyes are magnificent with just an eyeliner :D

  5. I love your lip shape. The make-up looks nice on you. I agree with Kumiko Mae, the eyeliner looks great on you. I don't find strong eyeliners pleasing to everyone. chicago airbrush


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