Monday 19 March 2012

The Manna House

As Craig & I are soon to be moving (have I mentioned this enough? ha), we have been trying to make the most of the lovely places in our neighbourhood that will be missed when we are on the other side of town.

One of these is the wonderful Manna House Bakery - a French bakery and patisserie on Easter Road. This is a favourite with many of my Edinburgh pals, and it's not hard to see why.

For our indulgent "bye Manna House" lunch we had....


 .. a potato quiche (which was SO good)...


.. a fancy pizza slice (which I assume was also good, it disappeared pretty quickly).


AND a lemon meringue pie and chocolate mousse/cake thing (I told you it was an indulgent lunch!).

Fingers crossed that another artisan bakery will be just round the corner in my new neighbourhood! If you are in Edinburgh and near Easter Road I'd highly recommend that you pop in and have a look here. It's a tiny café so table space is very limited, but you can always take food away and eat in a sunny park (assuming we actually get summer this year!).


  1. Wow that lemon meringue pie looks tasty!

    1. It was & so rich too, we couldn't finish it!

  2. Beautiful! It's not often I'm as drawn to the savoury pictures as the sweets. Definitely going to bookmark this so I remember to go there the next time I'm in Edinburgh.


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