Wednesday 21 March 2012


Aw, look at Riley. All chilled and snoozing, and not aware that life as he knows it is about to change. Since he was twelve weeks old Riley's home has been our wee flat, and he's never been allowed outside (although he was born on a farm!). I read up LOADS about keeping cats indoors before we got him, but didn't really have a choice in the matter - we're currently in a first floor flat with no garden, on a very busy street. There was no way I was letting my tiny cat (who had just recovered from cat flu) into the big bad city!

But over the last year or so my guilt levels about keeping him indoors have absolutely ROCKETED. Whenever we have a window open he does his absolute best to climb out onto the window ledge, and will happily sit with his paws over the window just sniffing the air. My poor cat prisoner!

Not for much longer though! I'll need to keep him indoors for a few months once we've moved to make sure he's settled in the new house and knows it is his, but bit by bit he'll start to get outside. Eeek!

I've been reading up on loads of websites (and a hilarious cat magazine) for advice on how to get him used to outdoor life, but secretly I am hoping that he'll be happy enough sunning himself in the garden and not wander too far. I can hope, at least!


  1. Awhhh!Let us know how it goes!Ive just got a Maine Coon and she's going to be indoors but im worried about escapes!xx

  2. He is so cute! I got my cat Ted from a farm, he is such a free-spirit he hates spending too long inside. I'm sure Riley is excited about this new adventure x

    1. I hope so! He acts all big and tough, but may be a wimp when faced with a garden for the first time... x

  3. Aww, I'm pretty sure he'll love the outside after he gets used to it. I believe that all animals long to feel free. And he's really cute! :)

  4. Aww! wee Riley! so cute, when we first got Mary we were told she was a house cat and not to let her outside, but she seemed to want to get out, so after about 6 months we let her out, we were so nervous that she wouldn't come back! it was so funny watching her explore for the first time! She loves getting out but she loves getting back in even more, i'm sure Riley will too >^^<

  5. Aww isn't he gorgeous! I always think with cats - when their lives are so cushy in your house, why would they run away? =)

  6. Awww! Riley won't know what's hit him when he feels that grass under his feet!!

    My parents used to have a house cat and it never bothered him going outside. They had another cat that would stay out all night, sometimes days would go by. they'd be frantic with worry, and then he'd turn up with a dead mouse... er... thanks!!? Haha! ;D xx

  7. Awww so cute! Very cute cat : ) XX

  8. Love your cat. so cute sleeping like a doll. i wanna hug it!

  9. Aww Riley is absolutely adorable! He reminds me of my cat Jasper who you can read about on my blog. Good luck with getting him to go outdoors, I'm sure it will go well! You won't have to smell cat poo in your house for much longer! XxxX

  10. Good luck with it! We were in the same situation with our boy, he lived in a second-floor flat for his first 18 months but got to go out when we moved. He was definitely getting restless and wanting to explore too. He is a totally different cat - so much more chilled and happy - but I still completely freak out when he doesn't come home on time (which isn't often)!


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