Monday 26 March 2012

Snickers cheesecake

Mmmmm. Look at this ridiculous thing.

You can see a recipe for this totally-over-the-top-and-indulgent Snickers cheesecake over at Aimee's blog (I'm guest-posting while she's on holiday). It's based on the very easy vanilla cheesecake I made a few months ago, but is about a billion times more unhealthy!


  1. Errr delicious!!I havent made cheesecake in ages!There's a peanut butter chocolate one in my hummingbird book!xxx

  2. That looks so delicious, may have to make when I get back to uni for the flat!

  3. Thanks! can't wait to see what Easter baking you come up with especially after seeing how delicious this Snickers cheesecake looks! yum! Snickers is one of my very fave choc bars to use in baking!

  4. Wow that looks amazing and so tempting! Enjoy it! XxxX

  5. sounds like the greatest cake ever!


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