Friday 9 March 2012

Ladurée macaroons

I've read about Ladurée on a few different blogs, so was quite pleased when I stumbled across their shop in Covent Garden as I've always wondered what the fuss was about! I couldn't resist popping in (despite the queues!) and buying a box.

It was £12ish (ouch) for a box of eight macaroons. I chose a mixture of raspberry, chocolate, caramel, rose, lemon & a few more I can't remember! They were all nicely wrapped up, and looked like this.


I'd like to tell you that I ate these daintily whilst wearing a tea dress and posing for photos (or some other type of blogger cliché) but I mainly munched them on the train back to Edinburgh when I was soggy and a bit grumpy (and looking like this). They were really delicious though. Really really delicious.

If you'd like to give them a go I have an easy macaroon recipe here! Mmm.


  1. They look so good, i've never had a macaroon, must try to them :)

    1. doh! just checked out your recipe, I wouldn't be able to have them they're mostly egg whites, I'm allergic :(

    2. Aw, what a shame! I lied - they are rubbish really x

  2. I love Macarons! Never had the luck of having one from Lauduree though. they look delicious.

    -Ani x

  3. Oh they look amazing! x

  4. I tried Laduree macaroons for the first time the other week and they're SO DELICIOUS. I think the vanilla one was my favourite!

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