Wednesday 14 November 2012

Christmas shopping: gifts for gals

It's Chriiiiiistmas! Okay, not really, but there are just under six weeks to go until Christmas which means it's definitely time to start your shopping (assuming you aren't one of those crazy people who have everything bought & wrapped already!).

Last year I put together a couple of Christmas gift guides - one written by me & one by Craig, for present inspiration. They were loads of fun to do, so I'm doing it again (and am roping poor, patient Craig into guest posting again). I've split the guides into (roughly!) a few different price ranges, so there's something for almost every budget. I've also called this one "gifts for gals" mainly because they are all things I would like, and I'm a gal.

Hope this helps inspire you!


£10 to spend 

1. I am forever jealous of people who can pull off high-neck tops, particularly because it opens up a magical world of collar tips! These kitty collar tips by Motel Rocks are adorable and are only £12.

2. If in doubt, go to Lush! This snow fairy gift box is an ace choice and is £11.95.

3. This skull and top hat pendant is slightly more pricey, but it's BRILLIANT. Look at it! You also get to feel good about yourself for supporting an indie etsy business. It's £15.

4. Everyone loves pugs! This iphone cover is by Rabbit Smile (who I've featured on my blog before). They make cases for phones, kindles, laptops & more, & I can vouch for the quality. Plus they are super cute! This case costs £11.50.

£25 to spend 

1.  The Frankie daily journal is beautiful & every year I am jealous of the people who have managed to snap one up before they sell out! It's full of pretty details and illustrations and looks pretty much perfect. It costs about £18 (but you'll need to pay for overseas shipping).

2. It's a locket ! And a duck! And it's from Hannah Zakari, the prettiest gift shop you ever will see. It's £24.

3. Swoon! These ombre tights are absolutely gorgeous, and only £25. They are hand-dyed and made to order so you'll need to buy them soon, if you want them to arrive before Christmas.

4. This gorgeous luna silk scarf is by the super talented Olivia Mew (who also made my amazing Star Wars scarf). It's perfect for tying in your hair and is £29.

£50 to spend 

1. I love Benefit but can't really afford it as everyday makeup. Instead I cross my fingers each Christmas & hope that some will end up in my stocking. The dazzle me, dahling! kit has a lovely mix of products & comes in at £44.

2. I'm aware that this is quite a ridiculous amount of money to spend on chocolate, but think of this as edible art & it's easier to justify the price. Coco Chocolate (Edinburgh's amazing artisan chocolatiers) have created Swellegant - their largest ever collection. Mm mm mm. It's £44.95.

3. La Terre is a beautiful print by Double Merrick, inspired by old classroom wallcharts. Buy art, feel cultured! It's exactly £50.

4. Models Own are my very favourite brand of nail polish, and any nail art addict would be over the moon to receive their ultimate box set for Christmas. It contains fifteen polishes from the best of their box sets for £50.

£100+ to spend

1. I think this is a sign I am growing up, but ever since I saw this Becka Griffin painting on Helen's blog I have been seriously jealous! Bespoke house portraits start at £120 for a colour illustration, but would be the most lovely keepsake! What a nice gift to get someone who has just bought their first house? (Ha).

2. Ooooh this looks so cosy! Donna Wilson is a Scottish designer who makes all sorts of nice ceramics and cushions. Yes, this rainy day throw is £195, but it's also 100% lambswool and is guaranteed to be so very, very soft.

3. I have been pining for a proper leather satchel almost all year & they are firmly on the top spot of my Christmas list! There's a few different satchel makers out there, but the Leather Satchel Company wins my vote (mainly for packaging their bags up in brown paper and string). My ideal one (14 inches, chestnut brown, magnetic fasteners & stamped with my name) would come to £113.

4. What's the very best gift you can give someone? An adventure! I honestly think memories are the best gifts of all, and surprising someone with a trip (no matter how near or far) is such a lovely present. Craig & I have our eye on InterRail passes for an upcoming adventure. Ticket prices start at £145 for 30 countries.

Craig's shopping guide will be up next Wednesday so keep an eye out for that. AND if all this commercialism is too much for you, never fear - I've got loads of DIY gift guides to show you soon. Yay, Christmas!


  1. Wow those ombre tights are amazing!! Nevermind for anyone else I want them haha xx

  2. I love the ombre tights! Lovely post, I can't believe it's almost christmas. I'm in a world of my own haha xx

  3. Love the priciest stuff the best, typical!

    We are thinking of going Interrailing too, next year! You'll have to share your plans :)


  4. That iphone case is adorable - has gone straight on my Christmas wish list!

    Lynne x

  5. Flip I love everything in this post. I too am a big fan of those satchels, I just wish they made them in backpack form. So much more convenient than the boob-chopping over the shoulder style.


  6. Oh god, I want it all! Especially that cute little pug cover, and duck locket!
    I've just found your blog now, and I think it's wonderful! Following :) xx

  7. See, this is the problem with Xmas shopping. I always want everything for myself! Love the duck locket and ombré tights, although I fear my thunder thighs wouldn't appreciate the ombré. Oooh, loving my phone putting an accent on ombré! Anyway, great post :-) I'm a new follower although was a lurker- thanks for inspiring my mental Halloween nails. Kirsty xx

  8. The duck locket is so adorable! I love my house portrait, they are such a lovely personal gift :) mine has pride of place in our living room.

  9. I LOVE satchels. My dad got me a brown Cambridge Satchel Company one for Christmas last year, and it's probably my top most prized possession. I take it to work every single day (!)... Hopefully Father Christmas will bring you one! You won't regret it! x

  10. @Alexandria- they DO make them with backpack straps. Check out the company website. I have just received mine which is an early Christmas pressie- it is fab!

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