Friday 23 November 2012


On Wednesday night I went to probably the most random (but fun!) nights out I have had in a while - #TacheBooth, hosted by the lovely Zoe from Google Edinburgh (who also writes one of my very favourite blogs, Conversation Pieces).

This was one of a series of events they are running, and this one was themed around moustaches (aren't all good things?). So we crafted our own moustaches out of felt &  fake fur, drank themed cocktails and were allowed to run riot on one of LOOKLOOK's photobooths (I've never had to not queue for a photobooth before, so I was pretty shameless!).

looklook photobooths
I love my moustache!

There's a few more Google events coming up in Edinburgh if you fancy going (they are free to attend & are full of fun things, nice people & free drinks... ace!). The next one is #WoohooBuckaroo on November 28th - a night of retro games, sweets & booze at Boda Bar. If you'd like to attend just head to the event page to RSVP.

p.s. also, just in case you missed my post yesterday, Google are also running a competition to win tasty tasty gin. Just look here for details on how to enter!


  1. Haha, this is amazing.

    You all look like you're having a right laugh :)


  2. These photos are awesome - what a fun idea!


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