Wednesday 29 February 2012

February instagram

I cannot believe how fast February has gone by! This month has been another chilled one as the new house is getting closer and closer... I'm trying to avoid buying things on a whim by thinking of the comfy sofa my savings will buy (that's the plan, anyway!). It's working pretty well but I do miss doing things at the weekends, although it is giving me loads of time to cook.

Here's a wee instagram recap of the last few weeks...

1. Scones and coffee at a work meeting, one of the definite highlights of my job (I am obsessed with scones!). This was in Spoon, which is an amazing cafe on Nicolson St - brilliant food and cakes, and it's really quirky and fun. I sort of want a map table for my kitchen now.

2. Using my Hogwarts glass (that I got at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter) last year. I feel like a child, but I love it!

3. Valentine's date to see Brand New in Glasgow. They were wonderful, I love them! I had such a good night dancing and singing with Craig.

4. Pints with my pal Muzza on a Monday night (what a shock!). We went to the opening of Assams, a new Indian-style tapas restaurant & takeaway, that has just opened up on Leith Walk. The food was amazing, and  the service was really good too - when they found out Craig was a vegetarian the waiters kept coming over with veggie-friendly plates. Aw!

5. Dinner at the Butterfly & the Pig Tearooms was amazing! I really fancy making a mini chicken pie, it was so tasty. I really liked that they served the gravy in a tea cup too, so cute.

6. Cocktails at Monteiths with my pal Rae! This was a lovely night out, although both of us are worryingly looking forward to the Edinburgh Festival already (which is in AUGUST - too far away to think about it now!).

7. Toblerone! Craig is a baddie - I've discovered that toblerones are my nemesis.. I can't say no. Thank goodness they are really expensive normally!

8. I couldn't resist doing strawberry nails again - they are so easy to do (I painted them while watching the Walking Dead), and just make me feel really spring-like.

My instagram name is eversojuliet if you'd like to add me!


  1. Love your strawberry nails! I also love the gravy in a tea cup, well if we are honest I love anything in a tea cup! =) xx

  2. Love your strawberry nails and I need that Toblerone! x

  3. I love the nails! Must try this!!!

    H x

  4. Those nails are so cute, I'm loving watermelon ones ATM. Ace blog dear. X

  5. It's not safe to put a toblerone near me either! I haven't heard of the Butterfly and the Pig Tearooms so will definitely head there the next time I'm in Glasgow. Have you been to Cushion and Cake in Glasgow? It's a really lovely little tearoom.

  6. There's nothing childish about Harry Potter! I am jealous of your cup and would drink out of it everyday. Also your strawberry nails are preeeeeetty!


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