Monday 20 February 2012

Half & half leopard print nails

Models Own - Feeling Blue | Barry M - White | Claire's - Gold

I haven't done leopard print nails in ages, so decided to mix it up a little & do half and half nails with blue, white and gold (quite Scottish of me!).

This was pretty simple to do - I painted each half by freehand (I've seen masking tape used to get a really sharp dividing line, but it's too much of a faff for me). Then added the leopard print using liquid eyeliner as my nail art pen has run out (sob). You can see my leopard print how to here - it's really simple.

Also, thanks to everyone who has entered my nail polish giveaway so far! I'll be picking the winner tonight so there's still a little time left if you'd like to enter. I'm giving away a set of Models Own polishes (which includes the blue you can see in this manicure!) - they are by far my favourite nail varnishes & are perfect for Spring!


  1. Oh I love these!! I'm so getting into nail art at the moment, I'm yet to try leopard print though! You may have inspired me to have a go! :D xx

  2. I'm loving the half and half-ness of it. It gives it something a bit different to it.

  3. These look so gd! I'm really into nails and nail art but have been a bit scared to try something like this, it's probably more simple than I realise! :) xx

  4. This is soooo cute! I love it! I wish I could do cute things like this to my nails.

  5. These are gorgeous! Gotta love the cheeky scottish theme ;)

  6. Your nails look gorgeous! I always make a mess of mine haha xx


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