Monday, 5 December 2011

Beauty and the Beast

On Friday night I went to the beautiful Lyceum Theatre to see their Christmas show Beauty and the Beast.

I have to admit, I was a wee bit apprehensive of seeing this as I have such fond memories of Disney's Beauty and the Beast (I was six when it was released, so was totally obsessed with it), but I shouldn't have worried! (Also, I'm 25 now. I can probably handle changes like this).

The Lyceum's version is based on the original French fairy tale. It has all the elements you need in a good Christmassy theatre show - an evil witch (who spends her time shouting at the children in the audience), two evil sisters (who are a wonderful Scottish double act), a beautiful-but-feisty heroine and a lot of magic!

Plus the sets are gorgeous. Just look.

I really loved it! The Lyceum are good for bridging the pantomime/theatre divide in their Christmas shows - there's a lot of interaction between the audience and the performers, but it can quite seamlessly merge into a more "serious" theatre show.

The story is funny and a little scary at times (well, menacing at least - particularly when we first meet the Beast on his big stompy legs), and ends with a lovely message about following your heart. One of the very sweetest moments was when the Beast was dying, Belle declared that she loves him and a little girl's voice rang out - "kiss him then!" which led to thunderous applause. Awwwww.

All photos from the Lyceum's flickr

You can buy tickets here! Next up I really fancy going to see the Sleeping Beauty by Scottish Ballet - looks gorgeous.


  1. Beautiful! The last time I went to the theatre was years ago to see Phantom of The Opera which was amazing. This has just reminded me I should get into going again :D xx

  2. I'm going to see this on the 22nd I think. I always go to the Lyceum at Christmas, it's amazing!

  3. this looks so beautiful!! I bet I would have cries.. I just love musicals and good shows! impressive costumes too! thanks for sharing :)

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