Monday 1 September 2014

I shaved my head! (sort of)

This year I've been playing about with my hair. I've tried new hairdressers, moved from badger hair to fox hair, and said goodbye to my super short fringe, but each time I chatted to the hairdresser I almost asked for an undercut... and then decided I wasn't brave enough.

An undercut isn't that rebellious, but it seemed like such a big deal each time I was in the hairdresser's chair. I would get super excited about the possibility of it, and then by struck by thoughts like - I'm in a client-facing job! I can't shave my bloody head!... I won't suit it!... it'll be a TOTAL pain to grow out... I'm too much of a scruff to pull it off.

Well, whatever, wimpy me. Yes, it will probably be a nightmare to grow out, and  there was definitely the possibility that it wouldn't suit me (I am plagued by a weak chin, sob), but hair does grow. And as for my job? I'm well aware that appearance has a depressing role in how people view you, but my ability to do my job is not challenged by my hair, thankyouverymuch.

So I went back to Dean Jones Hairdressing (as I had been so impressed by my last visit) and got the chop.


My hairdresser was really great, and talked about how to incorporate it into my current style, so I could still wear my hair up or down, however I liked. She suggested keeping the shaved section in a soft shape round my ear to start, so that I could take more off next time if I wanted (I'd explained my big wimpy journey up until this point).

I know it's not that different, but it felt like a big step for me! Over the last year I've really started to understand that actually life is completely up to you. If you want something, the only person stopping you (or making excuses) is yourself. And on this occasion, that 'something' might just be hair, but it's an exciting thought to have.


  1. You are so gorgeous!! And I am in love with your hair color (and blog!!)

  2. Oh wowie, it looks awesome! Gorge as always girl x


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