Friday 12 September 2014

Autumn homeware wishlist

I love Autumn! The leaves are changing colour, the weather will soon turn all lovely and crisp, and we can wear layers again (and escape the daily wardrobe confusion of how to dress for sort-of-muggy, sort-of-sunny, sort-of-breezy end of summer weather). I am very excited to dig out my bobble hats, and I am SUPER excited about entering an autumnal hibernation that involves being cosy, cooking roast dinners, and drinking red wine.

I am so excited about this actually, that I have accidentally gone on a bit of an autumn spending spree, so I thought I'd share what's caught my eye.

Tunnock's teacake cushion
I have wanted a Nikki McWilliams cushion for AGES, and figured it was finally time to treat myself to one (although it was surprisingly hard to choose between a teacake and a custard cream!).

Vanilla and fig candle
You're going to be spending loads of time inside, so make sure your house smells beautiful! This Anthropologie candle comes in loads of different scents, but I bet this one is lovely.

Mustard knitted throw
Ever since I pinned this picture, I've basically been on a mission to recreate it, and have been on a long search for the perfect mustard throw blanket. All summer I told myself that I'd "probably" get around to knitting one, but now it's a wee bit cold and I haven't done anything about it. Surprisingly, it's BHS that's come to the rescue, with this mustard loveliness.

Autumn is for nights in (you know, under your blanket, candle burning, leaning on your biscuit cushion) with a book. I've been a bit terrible at keeping my book love series up to date, but recently I have been discovering the Discworld series, and absolutely adoring it.

Fairy lights
Last year I went to an ikea event, where they told us the most imporant thing in dressing a room was to fill it with lots of soft lighting (and avoid having one big light on). Fairy lights aren't just for Christmas, they make your space feel soft and cosy all year round.

Monogrammed mugs
Aaand when you aren't drinking wine, you will need a constant supply of tea, coffee or hot chocolate to keep you cosy. I would quite like to buy the entire Anthropologie kitchen selection, but I can't really afford that, so a mug is a good place to start.


  1. Those teacake cushions are the absolute cutest, I adore those mugs too x

    1. The cushions are even cuter in real life!

  2. I love the custard cream cushion, the fairy lights and the mustard throw I need that in my life, great post xx


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