Wednesday 24 September 2014


It feels like every time I turn around in Edinburgh at the moment, there's a new, artisan-excellent-indie wonder-business that's popped up, and demands all of my money.

This month, it's the turn of  Zukr Boutique - a contemporary patisserie, that recently opened their first shop in Newington. Just take a look at these...

They are teacakes! Teacakes!

And they have brownies...


Truffles... and so much more.

I first came across Zukr when they took a stall at the SciMart - the Science Festival's farmer's market with a scientific twist. I obviously had to buy a galaxy teacake, which turned out to be a delicious (if slightly too sugary for one person!) salted caramel and milk chocolate wonder.

Zukr Boutique has a shop at 3 Salisbury Place in Edinburgh, but you can also order online or from their etsy shop (& feel free to send some my way). Yum!


  1. Wow! They look beautiful, especially the teacakes - works of art!

  2. On my gosh this sounds amazing, all those sweet treats just look delish x

  3. All of this looks amazing! Definitely heading for a visit next time I'm in Edinburgh. Hx


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