Monday 22 September 2014

Reverse shampooing

A few months ago I noticed loads of beauty bloggers seemed to be chatting about the miracle of 'reverse shampooing' - basically, conditioning first, then shampooing after. Those WEIRDOS, I thought, ignoring the hype and sticking with my tried-and-tested everyone-must-do-it-this-way-for-a-reason routine.

Until about a month ago, the whole thing suddenly popped into my mind as I was reaching for the shampoo. And, well, I haven't gone back!

My hair is fairly long and thick, so it needs conditioned regularly, but I also try to avoid washing my hair too often (partly to avoid using heat on it regularly, and mainly because I am lazy). So in my pre-reverse days I would wash my hair roughly every three days (which worked out as: Day 1 - clean but fluffy; Day 2 - well-behaved hair; Day 3 - rewash fringe, wear hair up). It was fine, but looking back, it only gave me one good hair day per wash.

Since switching things up, I have noticed a surprising difference. Day 1 hair feels sleeker, Day 2 hair is well-behaved as always, but Day 3 hair is actually clean enough to wear down if I want to (and I'm not having to rewash my fringe as often!). My hair definitely feels less greasy overall (although it feels weird immediately after washing, but then feels normal as soon as it's dry).

All you do is condition your hair (putting most through the length and a wee bit at the roots), leave for a few minutes, rinse, shampoo (you'll only need a little bit), rinse and go!

So! How? What? Why? I may work at a Science Festival, but I am very much not a scientist (so please don't judge me if this is all nonsense!). I think it's based on the fact that the residue in conditioner can be difficult to wash out (which then clogs up your hair), and that shampoo can be quite harsh and strip out your natural oils, encouraging your hair to be more oily. By switching it up, you get all the benefits of conditioner, then the shampoo strips the dirt from your hair AND the conditioner... leaving you with shiny, happy, absolutely clean locks.

Now, again, this may all be total rubbish (and after a google, some people are absolutely raving about it, and others aren't impressed). But I am a total convert! If you try it, let me know how you get on...


  1. This really intrigues me! I have long, thick and frizz prone hair - am definitely going to try this.....

    1. Yeah, I was so suspicious when I first heard about it, but I've been so impressed! Let me know how you find it x

  2. I sometimes do this but using coconut oil beforehand and it works so well, I hadn't thought of doing it with bog-standard conditioner though. Might have to give it a go xo

  3. haha I've never heard of this before but going to mix it up and give it a go!

  4. uh oh, I feel like I might have the same shower epiphany as it sounds like I have hair like yours. With that and the oil pulling craze the girls at work are talking about, I wont be far form the bathroom!

  5. I sometimes do it when I'm using hair masks which would leave my hair greasy and heavy after washing - it works wonders!


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