Monday 29 September 2014


September is always a bit of a weird month. After the mayhem (and lack of sleep) during August, September tends to be a few weeks of trying to catch up on sleep, spend as little money as possible, and just trying to recharge as a human.

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1. The month started with a trip to the Secret Herb Garden, and the chance to make lovely flower crowns - which was so much fun to do (I wish I had the supplies and excuses to wear flower crowns every day!). Next month I'm going to an Autumn Wreath workshop with florist superheroes Pyrus, and I'm so excited. 

2. I also got the chance to make my own beeswax candle, which smells amazing (and I don't want to burn, because I love it!). 

3. I was feeling seriously scruffy so I went to get my brows sorted out at Benefit's Brow Bar. Getting your brows done in the middle of John Lewis isn't the most relaxing thing in the world, but I'm always really pleased with how they do brows (and £18 for a tint and wax is a bargain compared to HD brows at spas!).

4. I also bought another eyeshadow palette by Sleek Makeup (who I used in my smoky eye makeup tutorial). This one has a lot of pinky and coppery colours, which I am really enjoying for autumn. 

5. This month has also included a lot of deadlines, late nights at work and slightly frazzled days. To balance this out, I was able to borrow a pal of a pal's pup, and go for a really lovely long walk. It made me realise just how much I miss having a dog, and how excellent long walks are for clearing your head!

6. I am a sucker for my local florist, and have fallen into the habit of buying myself flowers whenever they happen to be open (as they do seem to do strange hours). I loved the blues and purples on these.

7. Earlier this year I got to try on a really amazing Tatty Devine necklace, which was being featured as part of the Science Festival's exhibition about maker culture. I fell completely in love, and have dreamed of owning one all year. And look!! My very wonderful boyfriend surprised me with one after a trip to London, and it's AMAZING. It takes them five hours to make each dinosaur necklace because it's so intricate. 

8. This part of September was rubbish though. My beautiful bike was stolen from outside my work (by teenagers, aaaargh) and despite reporting the theft to the police, and getting a really helpful response on twitter, I seriously doubt I'll get it back. It's not really worth anything. It's old and a bit slow, but I love it, and it was really horrible to have it taken.

9. I'd heard lots of people rave about Tiger, but hadn't been that impressed the few times I had popped in... obviously I was completely wrong! Look at these meant-to-be-mugs-but-actually-are-the-best-cacti-planters-in-the-land! So very good.

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