Friday 1 February 2013

January instagram

January has felt like the LONGEST month ever! Here's what I got up to:

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1. Eating healthy after all the excesses of Christmas! This is a salad box from the Veggie Baked Potato Shop on Cockburn Street. If you are ever in Edinburgh & looking for lunch, this is well worth a visit!

2. Clique clique clique. Look how tiny Riley looks!

3. I had a brilliant long catch up lunch with my mum at Urban Angel. They believe in only using seasonal, fresh and sustainable food, and it's always super tasty.

4. I went to see Pitch Perfect at the cinema, not really expecting much from it & ended up LOVING it. I've been listening to the soundtrack on repeat & ending up seeing it again (I have a cineworld card, which means  I can see unlimited movies each month!). So good!

5. My nail polish storage has already doubled in size (couldn't resist getting a second one), which means I can organise each row by colour & I have loads of space for new polishes.

6.  Krispy Kreme are opening in Edinburgh on February 13th so they have been popping up around town giving out free doughnuts. We got a few boxes for the office & were in sugar highs all day.

7. Best Monday ever - we had a puppy in work for the morning! This is Elsie, a gorgeous wee whippet pup who was waiting to be collected by her new owners. There is nothing better than puppy cuddles to start the week.

8. We finally got snow! This is my little garden looking all pretty & white. We've put loads of food out for the birds (you've got to think about them when it gets all frosty!) so there's been loads of robins, blue tits, blackbirds & more hanging out in the garden.

9. I was invited to the launch of Benefit's newest blush & lip product, Fine One One & this is it on my face - I really like it! I've been using it almost every day since I got it & am a big fan, it takes just two minutes to make a nice rosy glow.

10. The newest love of my life arrived - a satchel from the Leather Satchel Co. I will be blogging about this in more detail very soon...

11. Riley is a little radge! He was snoozing next to me on the sofa then decided he wanted to play, so lay on his back with his paws in the air. Look at those little teeth!

12. The Lion King is coming to the Edinburgh Playhouse this year & I got to go to the launch. It was really interesting - we heard all about the history of turning the film into a stage production, with detailed looks at the set design, costumes, songs & dancers. I saw the Lion King on Broadway a few years ago and absolutely LOVED it, so will definitely be getting tickets for this. They're on sale now & it'll be at the Playhouse for 14 weeks from October 2013.


  1. That satchel is just the most beautiful thing ever, I cannot wait to see it in more detail! Oh and mmmm doughnuts.... xo

    Rosie | A Rosie Outlook

  2. Love you nail polish storage, I really want to see Pitch Perfect :-)

  3. Elsie Dog is the cutest! x

  4. Wow, you've got so many nail polishes! I can't wait for Krispy Kreme to open.

  5. Love your satchel can't wait for the post and your nail varnish storage, it's so clever!

    I LOVED Pitch Perfect too and have also been listening to the soundtrack loads, so much better than the gutter show that is Glee!

    Hope you're enjoying your hols!

    Amy x


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