Monday 18 February 2013

25 facts about me

I'm jumping on the blogging bandwagon today! It feels like absolutely everyone has written their own version of this post, but I've found them really interesting to read (particularly if it's from a beauty or fashion blogger who doesn't do many personal posts). If you have written one please link it in the comments below so I can have a gander!

So here's my version - twenty five random facts about me.

1. I was once asked to make Peter Andre's birthday cake, which would have been given to him on stage at his gig at the Picture House. But I couldn't handle the pop star pressure, so I said no! 

2. I love animals so much and have had pets my whole life. I sort of don't trust people who don't like animals! If I won the lottery I would buy lots of land and set up a sanctuary for unwanted & mistreated pets. 

3. When I was at university I worked in a cinema and absolutely loved it (I think it's the perfect student job!).  I loved watching movies, talking about movies & getting paid to recommend movies, it was such a dream! These days I try to go to the cinema at least once every two weeks... once a week ideally! 

4. My favourite book is Written on the Body by Jeanette Winterson. I saw her talk at the Edinburgh Book Festival last year & it was one of the best events I've ever been to. 

5. I cry at films SO easily, I'm a wuss. As well as crying at ridiculous films that don't really deserve a wail (er, Matrix 2...), I have also embarrassed Craig & various pals by crying for AGES after the film finishes (after watching The Fountain I cried for at least fifteen minutes on the walk home). Oh cringe.

Hieroglyphs | L.A. | Brand New
6. The first CD I ever bought was It's Like That by Run DMC vs Jason Nevins. I remember feeling SO cool playing it on my walkman, ha! 

7. I love the Final Fantasy video games (top three favourites: eight, seven, nine). I can't even imagine how many hours of my life have been spent playing them. 

8. I've always been fascinated by Egyptian history & mythology. In school I tried to teach myself hieroglyphs (badly), in university I took Archaeology for two years & recently I've studied the Pyramid Age & Hieroglyphs and Myths as evening classes. I am rubbish at languages though, so I still struggle to translate hieroglyphs in museums! 

9. My favourite band is Brand New. I also LOVE LOVE LOVE Simon and Garfunkel, Ani DiFranco, Jay Z  & all of the terrible pop music they play on Radio One. 

10. I have been to the following countries: America (to twenty one states), Switzerland, the Netherlands, Cuba, France, Italy, Germany, Portugal, Greece, China, New Zealand and Turkey. I thought I was quite well travelled until I got a scratch map & realised what a huge amount of the world was left to see. 

Lord of the Rings (just an excuse to post Aragorn's face tbh) | Eating! | Nail art
11. When I was in primary school I had an operation to correct a muscle problem on my eye. After the surgery I had double vision for months, and was not allowed to read, write, or watch tv to avoid any strain on my eyes! 

12. I am terrible and always bite my nails. That's why I like nail art so much, if I've spent hours painting my nails then I am much less likely to nibble them.

13. I'll eat almost anything, apart from seafood (fish suppers from the chip shop are the only exception to this rule!).

14. My ears used to be stretched (not much, only to about 6mm). I got them done when I was at uni & only took my plugs out a year or so ago (much to my mum's relief... who was convinced I'd need surgery to get them back to normal!). 

15. I know a ridiculous amount of trivia about the Lord of the Rings films, due to watching every single programme & behind the scenes DVD that existed whilst procrastinating at uni! 

Cupcakes | Harry Potter | Disney
16. I ran a cupcake company for two years (& was the very first cupcakery in Edinburgh!). I made cakes for weddings, birthdays & everything else you can imagine... on top of a full time job. My biggest order was for the new Topshop on Princes St - I baked 800 cupcakes that were handed out to customers on the opening day. I closed the business to focus on my magazine job, and don't regret it at all, but do wonder what life would be like if I had chosen cakes instead!

17. Whenever a Harry Potter film comes on TV I have to watch it... no matter how many times I have seen it before. One weekend over Christmas I watched the Deathly Hallows (both parts) two days in a row as they were being shown on Sky movies & I just couldn't resist. 

18. One year I took part in the MoonWalk - an overnight marathon that raises money for Breast Cancer charities. I trained for ages, but sprained my foot badly two weeks before the walk & was so slow and sore... not something I'm keen to repeat! 

19. When I was a teenager I was in love with Leonardo DiCaprio. I remember when Romeo & Juliet was released my best friend was super jealous because he said my name in the film. My dad even bought me a book, that just had photos of him swooning. Ha ha ha. 

20. I've been to four out of the five Disneyland resorts (California, Florida, Paris & Hong Kong). I really want to visit Japan anyway, but while I'm there I'll have to go to Disney Tokyo to complete the set! 

Love | Craig "jumping" off the cliff | Old books
21. I have been going out with Craig for almost seven years. I knew he was a keeper when he told me Philip K. Dick was his favourite author. Aw! 

22. I've been collecting old books for almost ten years. My favourites are those that have handwritten dedications inside them - I keep meaning to take photos of these & blog about them, some are over 100 years old.

23. When I was in Queenstown (New Zealand) I jumped off a 109m high cliff, freefalling for 60m. I used to think I was okay with heights, but it was the most terrifying thing I've ever done - making myself step over the edge of the cliff into empty space was SO hard! 

24. I am terrified of sharks, and do my best to stay out of the sea (if I don't go in the sea then there's zero chance of being eaten alive!). I blame watching Jaws when I was quite wee for this massive phobia.

25. I have a brand new job which I'm starting today! It's goodbye to the very lovely List (where I worked for almost six years!) and hello to the Edinburgh International Science Festival. How exciting (if a bit scary, I have first day nerves!). 


  1. I'm so similar to you with some of your facts. I am always embarrassing people with my crying at the cinema.

    Actually when I saw Romeo & Juliet at the cinema when I was younger I cried all the way home and for about an hour once I got home! haha.

    The cupcake thing is amazing. What an achievement!

  2. Wow, you lead such an interesting life :D

    Take a look at mine if you like:

  3. I love reading these posts :) your cupcakes look amaze! I love animals too we got two baby bunnies this weekend :) good luck with your first day today lovey! Iona x

  4. Aww, loved this, you have done so much fun stuff! Amazing about the cupcake business, and we have similar music taste (sometimes I feel a little embarrassed about having had the same favourite band for about ten years, haha!) So exciting about your new job, you must let us know how it goes! xo

    Rosie | A Rosie Outlook

  5. Juliet, you are awesome! That is all I have to say really! xxx

  6. You've done some cool things in your life so far. I totally agree with you on number 2. Numbers 16, 20 and 23 are just plain cool and i'm jealous!

  7. Best one of these I've seen! You've travelled so much! x

  8. Some of these are really like me! Especially 5, 15, 19 and 22. I lived in France for a year and didn't have a TV so I used to just watch the extras from LOTR on my laptop on repeat. And I was clearing out my room at my parents' recently and found a Leonardo DiCaprio book, hilarious! My husband has a t-shirt with just a massive picture of Phillip K Dick's face on it, clearly he's a keeper too.

    Good luck with the new job!

  9. Your facts are so much more interesting than mine! You are so well travelled (but you have inspired me to go to Athens, hopefully next February!) I'm especially want to visit all Disney parks.. I'm a MASSIVE Disney fan (and Harry Potter for that matter)

    Like you I embarrass people with the amount I cry in the cinema, especially my sister. She moved away from me once, rude!

    My favourite fact was about your cupcake company. Juliet you are such an interesting person!

    Amy x

  10. Everything in this post is too cool - you are just too freaking awesome! :D (and hooray for Final Fantasy! Replaying VIII as we speak!)

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  12. OK!
    So I think you need to add Australia to your list of countries you've visited. Come visit me :) And my first cd I ever purchased was Peter Andre.... I am so sad that you didn't make that cake. :(


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