Sunday 17 February 2013

Games night

My life tends to be quite busy - I never want to be the person that only lives for the weekend & does nothing mid-week (although it can be nice sometimes!) so I always find myself working on some project or other, and find it hard to say no to events!

Still, the thing I'll always make time for is big catch ups with my pals - I reckon I've got the loveliest friends in the world, and even though I don't get to see half of them nearly as much as I'd like, it's always worth it when I do!

We've been a bit board game mad recently (board games are cool, right?), and set up a games night for the chance to catch up (& be ridiculously competitive with each other!). Ladbrokes very kindly also sent over a night in pack of goodies* to help us have a fun night in - a Marilyn Monroe box set, super indulgent champagne truffles, & a few crafty bits & pieces (which I ended up not using... but I have plans for!).

It was so nice to just take a night out from our busy schedules, and catch up with everyone. Good chat was fuelled by good food, wine (and ridiculous strawberry mojitos), and lots and lots of nibbles (it turns out that dunking toffee popcorn in white chocolate is delicious!).

We also played a whole heap of board games -Trivial PursuitBest of TV & Movies & Articulate - and it was so much fun - even if I was in the losing team!

It's nice to appreciate the smaller moments in life & just be daft with your friends.

Disclaimer: I was very kindly gifted the night in pack courtesy of Ladbrokes, who are celebrating the Oscars with diamond slot games in their online casino. Thanks guys! 


  1. I'm pretty much the opposite, I live for the weekends! Kudos to you though, I wish I had the energy/will power to do things mid week! Board games with friends sounds really fun! xx

  2. This looks so cute, I spend boxing day with the fam playing Articulate and it was actually a lot of fun. This looks such a cute night in.
    Sammie x

  3. Makes me wanna get out the board games and liven up mid-week nights with my flatmates! Also, WANT champagne truffles x

  4. WOW! It looks so fun. Soo fancy. I love that you played trivial pursuit. So rad!


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