Thursday 31 January 2013

Book love

Each month I chat about what books I've been reading in my monthly Book Love feature.

World War Z - Max Brooks
This feels a little like cheating as I first read WWZ a few years ago, but I thought a reread was in order before the movie comes out this year! (Fun fact - part of it was filmed in Scotland AND my best pal worked on it). I really love this book - it's written as a series of reports by survivors of the zombie war and parts are seriously scary! It also made me realise just how hopeless I'd be in a zombie apocalypse...

The Children of Men - P. D. James
Oh, I loved this book! Children of Men is set in the near-future, at a time when infertility has swept the human race, leaving an aging population to struggle in a childless world. I saw the film & assumed the book would have an identical plot, but no! It's a very clever book, and quite disturbing in places. I absolutely raced through it. Definitely recommended!

Contact - Carl Sagan
I knew that Carl Sagan was an eloquent fellow (have you seen this? Love love love it), but I hadn't expected him to be such a good fiction writer. This is a pretty good sci fi novel, but I did find that every now and again the science got pretty intense & a bit difficult to read (meaning I had to battle to power through the technical theory parts, without giving in and skimming over those pages!).

The Last Song - Nicholas Sparks
After the intense astrophysics chat in Contact I fancied something a bit lighter & went for this sugary book by The Notebook author Nicholas Sparks. I don't normally read chick-lit as I find it all a bit cringey, but this was an easy, sweet novel. Good if you're looking for something simple to get lost in.

The Percy Jackson Collection - Rick Riordan
I've mentioned a few times before that I'm reading quite a lot of young adult fiction these days to help inspire my writing, and I'd fancied Rick Riordan's books for a while. I wasn't prepared for how much I would LOVE them though, or how fast I'd speed through them! They are based on Greek mythology and are wonderfully epic and lovely and funny and sweet. Hand them to the closest 12 year old you know & insist they read them (or if you are a child like me, get on it!).


  1. WWZ is definately one of my favourite books I've read in a long long time!!

  2. The Percy Jackson books are amazing, and so so easy to race through! You read half of them before you blink! The last song is awesome too, you just have to be careful not to read it in public, well I did anyway, I couldn't stop crying! xxx

  3. My boyfriend was an extra in WWZ! The big crazy scenes with all the panic and hundreds of people running is the bit he's in! I went in for it too but they didn't want me :( I should really read the book too. I'm really interested to see George Square on the big screen!

  4. My boyfriend is currently reading WWZ so I definitely need to pick it up after him!

  5. Oh wow, I didn't realise The Children of Men was a book too. Totally adding that to my to read list!

    Amy x


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