Monday 21 January 2013

GHD Style & Protect gift set

I'm a big fan of ghd & have been for many, many years, since their straighteners appeared in my life & changed my frizzy hair days for good (anyone who remembers the HELL of steam powered straighteners will understand the wonder of using ceramic ones for the first time!).

So when I was offered the Style & Protect gift set to try out I was pretty keen to see how it matched up to my (massively high) expectations of the brand.

ghd Style & Protect gift set - £39*

In the gift set you receive a large paddle brush, their Straight & Smooth sprayFinal Shine spray & two sectioning clips (all can be purchased individually from the ghd products page).

I thought I'd show you my normal blowdrying routine, using these products. I received the set just before Christmas so I've had a couple of weeks to try them out, and see how they face the horrible winter weather (a pretty tough challenge!).

I started out by spraying the straight & smooth spray (which contains heat protection - which you must, must use!), on towel-dried hair, brushed it through & blasted it with a hair dryer.

My hair is naturally very thick, quite frizzy and turns into a mane at the slightest bit of heat or water. So whenever I blow dry it (no matter how careful I am), this happens. I reckon I'd give Hermione a run for her money. Massive massive hair that needs to be tamed.

I then put it into sections using the clips (usually I just use a bobble - I always thought clips would slide out, but these ones have serious grip!) and went over each section with my ghds. I know that normal people can get smooth hair with just a brush and a hairdryer, but I am a bit lazy and just go to straighteners. Sorry hair.

After I worked through each section I sprayed my hair with the final shine spray (and a bit of hairspray) to keep it all neat and tidy. The spray was nice and light on my hair, but I had to resist the urge to use it enthusiastically - it can go from silky to looking-a-bit-oily in mere seconds! It does tell you to only use a wee bit though, so that's more my fault for being a shine addict.

And here's the final look! Definitely an improvement on my alter-ego, Captain Frizz. 

Overall I really liked the set - I have never owned a fancy hair brush before & whilst I am rubbish at blow-drying (which I think uses the brush to best effect), it definitely felt like it tugged my hair less than my normal one. I'm a HUGE fan of shine products in general & I thought the ghd ones had a really lovely fresh scent, which made me feel like I'd just stepped out of the hairdressers! 

It is a bit pricey at £39 (although shh, I found it on amazon for a little cheaper), but I think it would be a really lovely gift - it feels really indulgent and expensive (in a nice way!) and the products do what they promise without weighing down your hair. 


  1. ooh wow your hair looks lovely. I think i'd be able to give Hermione a run for her money to with my natural hair, hehe!xx

    vintage teapot//fashion, beauty & life

    1. Thank you! Ah, it is a curse! Always makes me laugh when I see products aimed to boost volume - no no no! x

  2. Looks lovely! I like the sound of the shine spray. My hair is mentally curly/ringlety though, and unless the Shirley Temple or little orphan Annie look comes into fashion I'm buggered! Love my GHDs but just never keeps my hair straight! So I feel your hermione pain, siiiiiiiigh xxx

    1. Thanks! Aw, curly hair is lovely - mine goes curly easily, but always looks like I've been dragged through a bush! Wish I knew how to make curls sleek & shiny x

    2. I really like Frizz Ease products for making my curls stay in place and stay shiny! The mousse is my fave for bounce too. Bouncy bouncy xx

  3. My hair looks exactly like yours when I first blow dry it, all frizz and I'm currently trying out some Umberto 3 Day Straight Stuff to try and tame it a bit because simply straightening it last about 12 hours before "hello frizz" This gift set looks AMAZING! I love my GHDs (and I totally remember the days of steam straightners, I had pink Cosmo ones that did nothing for me hair but make more frizz!) I don't think I could ever afford it (even with your sneaky Amazon find) but it has made your hair look gorgeous :)

    Amy x

  4. I had a pair if babyliss ones about ten years ago, think they were called steam and shine - you filled them with water and could change the metal plates so that you could straighten or crimp (why?!) your hair. Needless to say my hair took years to recover from the frizzy mess they left me with but a few years later I discovered ghd and never looked back. Don't straighten my hair every day anymore but when I do the ghds still do the business. Looks like a perfect treat for your hair x


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