Wednesday 23 January 2013

Galaxy wishlist

I am trying to be very good with money (it's January, I'm poor, I don't need new things, etc etc) so I am going to put all of my shopping energy into wishlists - window shopping, internet style. I've had a couple of these items pinned for what feels like forever, so I thought I'd share them with you lovely lot.

Top row

Bottom row 

It's space themed. I like space. And I REALLY like that wooden brooch... Oh, one little thing wouldn't hurt, would it?


  1. Absolutely not! I think you NEED that wooden brooch, because I feel that exact same need! Its pretty darn close to being perfect!


  2. LOOK AT THAT BROOCH. I think it's fairly obvious what you need to do. Like the leggings too! Who knew space could be so cool?xx

    1. super cute! :)

      join my galaxy leggings GIVEAWAY!


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