Friday 25 January 2013


This year one of my new year's resolutions was to be much more creative. I started out a little shakily, digging out ancient art supplies that hadn't been touched in almost ten years (tsk tsk tsk), and drawing a few terrible pencil sketches until I found my stride again.

I've basically claimed the kitchen table as my new art space - there's loads of space for me to spread out everywhere, I've got a lovely view into the back garden & Riley perches on one of the kitchen chairs, keeping me company as I paint (aw!). I've also nicked Craig's ipad so I can watch movies as I draw - it's brilliant!

I've always really loved birds (even more so now that I have a garden that attracts them!), so without much thought they were the first things I painted. This is a step by step simple watercolour of a chaffinch - it's a bit blocky, but it was really satisfying to do!

I love using watercolours - they are so easy to use, and it's really nice seeing the layers of colour come together. 

I also painted a person for the first time - myself! It's based on the pencil sketch I made at the start of the year (which is in turn based on photo booth photos from #tachebooth). I have never painted a person before so I am fairly pleased with it... but it was hard!

My next goal is to try and paint a few of my favourite bloggers for an illustrated series I hope to have on the blog soon. I just hope you'll be able to recognise who they are meant to be, ha! Still, practice makes perfect...


  1. oooh I love your paintings, you're very talented! Keep it up!

  2. you are amazing! these are absolutely ace mrs! xxx

  3. These are amazing! You're so wonderfully talented! xxx

  4. Such a talented lady! These are amazing!
    Lianne xx

  5. Eek I love these. Also I really need to get my art supplies out. I bought loads in the WH Smith sale a couple of years ago but still have the fear of wasting them so I don't use them. Silly! x

  6. Those are fab, I wish I could paint nicely, I don't have the patience anymore and get annoyed if I mess up.

    I love the little bird its so lifelike.
    I will send you a pic of Jonathan my hamster to paint haha xx

  7. Aaw I love the little bird - so cute! xxx

  8. Watercolors are my favorite, and you rock at them (I'm in love with the little bird - too cute!)


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