Wednesday 10 October 2012


Hello! So I'm back from the laziest week ever in Portugal (suffering mild post-holiday blues, wah) and wanted to share some photos of our trip. I'd never been to Portugal before but highly recommend it - we stayed in Villamoura, which is a pretty fancy town aimed at golfers & posh people with boats. Craig & I are neither, but we wanted somewhere that was super chilled & quiet, and this ticked all the boxes! 

I found an amazing last minute deal through James Villas & we got a HUGE villa (this one, in fact) with a private pool for £350 for the week (it costs almost £1700 to rent in peak time, ouch!). It was so so so perfect. Super quiet, loads and loads of space, an orange tree in our front garden & our own pool for splashing about in.

We spent most of the week just lounging in the sunshine - it was hitting 30 degrees pretty much every day (I didn't burn though, hooray!), and reading books. I'm a pretty speedy reader so I powered through quite a lot - maybe almost ten books in a week? My favourite was the Chaos Walking books by Patrick Ness - they are aimed at young adults, but are AMAZING. Read them.

Top: Primark
Shorts: New Look
SandalsBirkenstock leopard papillio*
As this was such a lazy holiday I just lived in shorts the whole time. I didn't pack many shoes, just flip flops and my new sandals. I have secretly wanted a pair of Birkenstocks for years, and I can see why people rave about them - they are SO comfy! 

There was a tiny bit of drama one day when poor Craig tripped over a step and almost sliced the bottom of his toe off! I thought he had just cut it a wee bit so headed off to get plasters and got the fright of my life to find him, pale white, standing in a pool of blood! Ahh. After a quick make-shift bandage and slightly stressful trip trying to find a hospital, he was bandaged up by lovely Portuguese doctors (and no stitches needed, phew!).

But apart from that little adventure, all was good and calm. We ate a lot of tasty food (there were amazing restaurants around the marina!), explored a Roman archaeological site (with original mosaic floors intact), watched the sunset on a huge quiet beach & daydreamed about what life would be like if we were rich enough to own a huge yacht.

Aw, it was awesome. I can't believe a week can fly by so quickly! I'm already planning our next big holiday... we've got big plans and it'll be quite exciting. More on this soon!


  1. Great post! Such lovely photos. The place looks amazing, especially that villa :)

  2. that villa is so lush! what a steal. bet you are gutted to be home now x

  3. Oh it looks absolutely amazing! I really want some sunshine on a golden beach now.

  4. That really does look like an amazing trip! I'm a little jealous of your vacation actually :) And you took some gorgeous pictures as well!

  5. Love the pics - makes me want to reach in and grab an olive!!! Portugal is now officially on the radar for 2013 travels x

  6. This looks amazing!! The photos make me feel like I'm there :D

  7. Amazing photos Juliet, looks like such a beautiful place - you got such a good deal too. Poor Craig and his toe!
    Lianne x

  8. This looks amazing, such gorgeous photos too. Can't believe the price of that villa either amazinggg :P. I'm going to Portugal with my family next year, this has made me super excited can't wait to take my camera and get some pretty pictures :).

  9. Thanks everyone! I would definitely recommend Portugal (if it's not obvious, ha!). x

  10. Wow! Wonderful pics..Thanks for sharing..Luxury Cottages

  11. Also stayed there (unfortunately not as cheap) and really enjoyed the Villa and surroundings. The funny thing is I sliced my toe on the rear patio also! :-) The place does need a slight makeover but a great place non-the-less for relaxing. Great pics too!


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