Friday 19 October 2012

Cuckoo's Bakery

Mmm! I just wanted to share (aka show off) some amazing cakes that I had the other day! Last Sunday my sister was coming round to visit & as I didn't have time to make anything, I popped into the lovely Cuckoo's Bakery for some supplies.

Cuckoo's are a cupcake bakery based down on Dundas Street in Edinburgh. As well as having cakes to take away, they also deliver (and sometimes offer free delivery - keep an eye on their twitter!), and also have a tea room so you can sit in and have lunch.

There's a few different tearooms in Edinburgh (I love Mimi's Bakehouse & Loopy Lorna's Tea House), but I think the town is definitely big enough for all of them!

The cakes are about £2 each so they aren't the cheapest to buy for a big group, but are absolutely worth it for a special occasion! Cuckoo's make seasonal cakes too (look how cute their halloween cupcakes are!)  and every cake is made fresh each day. Definitely worth a visit!

They are based at 150 Dundas Street & you can browse their cake menu here.


  1. Oh yes, Cuckoo's is a favourite in our household! (If not our wallet...) Scrummy, too.

  2. Oh yum, why didn't I go here when I was in Edinburgh?! Looks delicious.

  3. Holy mother of cupcakes. These look SO good.

  4. Oooh I still need to try Cuckoos bakery. Will definitely make sure I visit them next time I'm in Edinburgh. Every cupcake looks so good!

  5. Oh man they look AMAZING. I'm such a sucker for cupcakes, and those caramel ones look heavenly, as does the one with the strawberry.


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