Thursday 25 October 2012

Autumn boots wishlist

It has suddenly turned absolutely FREEZING (I've already had to start defrosting the car regularly, ugh!) and I'm realising that most of my wardrobe (t-shirts, cardigans, flats) isn't really cutting it for keeping me warm! I've been pretty much living in my Dr Martens since I got them, but I need a bit of variety!

So I have put together a wishlist of shoes I've got my eye on...

Boots from Spartoo

1. Moony Mood - Glarcelle I have a few pairs of black ankle boots, but no brown ones (yet!). I'm picturing these boots with thick black tights, a floral dress & a thick grey cardigan. Perfect! 

2. Buffalo - Deny I can't help it, but I am a sucker for studs & I love the mix of brass and silver.

3. Clarks - Norley cedar Look at how cosy they look! I haven't shopped in Clarks since I was wee and used to get magic step shoes (the ones with the keys - anyone else remember these?), but you know that their shoes will last forever. Nothing worst than having soggy feet in January when you are skint and your boots are leaking! 

4. Levis - Yale Love these. LOVE THEM. Such a good colour and they look so cosy. The best thing about high boots is that you can wear knee high socks under them too - perfect to see you into the freeeezing winter months.

Hooray for cosy feet! 


  1. I love the Levis boots - they look like they'd be so comfy to stomp through the leaves in!

  2. Ooh nice boots. I know I hate it when you have to give up all the pretty little summer bits of your wardrobe because its just so cold :( never mind, at least its an excuse for some extra shopping


  3. Haven't had to defrost my car YET but I've got my defroster can ready just in case.. lol number 3 definately looks the cosiest to me :)


  4. Ohhh those Levi's! I'm really enjoying the back of them... I have quite muscular calves so it looks like they'd fit me!

    Alli xx

  5. Love the Levi's boots - gorgeous! I really need to get a new pair of winter boots, all mine seem to have sprung a leak this year :( Oh wow, magic key shoes, thats a blast from the past - can't remember what was in the shoe when you unlocked it though...
    Lianne xx

  6. The studs boots is my favourite :)

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  7. Spartoo has opened me up to Clarks too, again I haven't been in there since they used to measure your feet with the little board when I was about 5 or 6! But I ordered some sandals from them in the summer and they were so well made, I love the look of those boots too, they look all fleece-y inside! xo

  8. Love the first two pairs of boots xx


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