Monday, 28 January 2013

Outfit: One dress - three styles

I've been meaning to do an outfit post like this for a little while. Partly because I love reading them on other blogs, but mainly because despite all the MILLIONS of dresses in my wardrobe, I tend to wear the same ones over and over and over and over again (I really need to do a clear out!). So here's how I wear my very favourite dress - a black skater-style number from H&M.

Look 1: Night out
Dress - H&M
Shrug - From New Zealand (can't remember the shop name, sorry!)
Necklace - Hannah Zakari
ShoesBuffalo glitter flats*
My idea of a night out is a bit more grown up than when I was a daft student - so it's normally dinner, the theatre, work parties or the pub with pals. I've never been a glitzy dress & heels gal, I'm pretty scruffy in most walks on life, so this is my take on dressing up. I think the shoes add a welcome bit of sparkle though!

Look 2: Work wear
Dress - H&M
Cardigan - New Look
Belt - New Look 
Necklace - Hannah Zakari
Boots - Dr Martens*
I work at an events magazine, so there's no strict dress code in my office (thankfully! I couldn't imagine working in proper business dress...). This is a pretty typical outfit for me - a dress, cardigan & stompy boots (my favourite boots ever!).

If I don't have time in the morning to style my hair properly, I normally stick it up in a big bun (you can use a hair doughnut to make a top knot if your hair isn't quite thick enough).

Look 3: Lunch with mum
Dress - H&M
Shirt - H&M
Belt - New Look
Shoes - Primark
This is my take on smart/casual - I'm not very good at being smart! I'm wearing a super cute sheer polka dot shirt, which I've tucked into a leopard print belt. It's really comfy, but makes me feel like I'm making at least a little bit of an effort - so perfect for going out for lunch with my mum.

I've just tied my hair in a very loose plait, which is another super speedy style to do. I also like that it shows off the blonde stripe in my hair!

For fun, I thought I'd also share this sketch I made when planning the post! I couldn't get my hands on a Frankie diary, but I reckon I've got the next best thing - the Little Otsu annual planner by the very talented Lizzy Stewart. It's full of Lizzy's illustrations (which I feel a bit guilty for doodling all over), but is proving perfect as a work AND blog planner!

This has been my first time taking outfit photos with a remote & tripod - hence the slightly awkward poses (I am still learning!), so thanks for bearing with me!

p.s. If you liked this sort of post then head over to Bee Waits - Claire is taking part in "One Month One Dress" to raise money for charity - awesome!


  1. I love posts like this :) I have a pair of brown docs similar to yours which I wear almost every day! I love them!

    Oh and your Hannah Zakari necklace's are gorgeous! :)

    Iona xx

  2. Ooh I love posts like this too! Thinking of investing in a tripod myself so I can start taking outfit pictures too, my poses are likely to be tres awkward so I feel your pain, haha!

    Lynne x

  3. Love love love your work wear outfit, the dr martins look like the perfect amount of scruffed without being ruined.

  4. This is a great post! Loving the polka dot shirt & glittery shoes x

  5. So cool one dress three ways! I wish I could dress casually for work.


  6. You look so amazing in all 3. I like look 2 the best. Such a rad idea.

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