Wednesday 21 January 2015


I'm obviously quite a nosy person, as some of my favourite blog posts to read are ones that peek into people's houses (is that weird? I promise I'm not weird. I just like interiors).

Anyway, it's been almost a year since I moved into my flat and I really, really love it! It's cosy and quirky and makes me really happy. It's also super tiny, so here's where I spend most of my time. 

It's a rented flat which came fully furnished, and I'm pretty lucky with how nice my borrowed furniture is! I love mustard and grey, so was delighted when I found this chunky mustard knit earlier this year as it's really cosy and makes my colour scheme dreams come true. 

The cushions are a black and white massive Ikea number (so squishy and comfy!), a teal Habitat cushion with a dachshund pattern that I've owned for years, and my tunnock's teacake cushion. 

I've only got a few prints up in my flat. There's Let's Stay Home and an Ella Masters print above my sofa, and a gold fawn (which I'm pretty sure is from Hannah Zakari) above the tv (which does a pretty good job of hiding my unused tv aerial). 

My window seat is one of my favourite spots in the flat, it's lovely to sit in on a Sunday morning, coffee in hand, and watch the world go by. I've got fairy lights strung up year round and I always aim to have fresh flowers on the windowsill, so it's a really pretty spot.

The cushions are from Ikea (they were part of their BRÅKIG collection) and I love their pattern. I've been meaning to replace the window seat fabric since I moved in (it's a bit battered from the previous renters), but haven't got round to it yet, but I will soon!

My flat has huge windows with really deep windowsills, so the other spot in this room (in the kitchen half) is used for my indoor garden. 

At the start of the month I tidied up all my plants, made a hanging planter for my ivy (strung up in the top left of the window), and planted seeds that have already started sprouting! I've got loads of cacti dotted between larger plants and around my flat, they are the easiest plants to keep and I've got a bit of a succulent addiction. In the front of the photo you can see my dinosaur planters - there's a DIY here if you want to give it a go! 

I've also got dinosaurs up along my ceiling beam, because I am a totally sensible 29 year old.


  1. Aw this is lovely! Lucky you with those big windows letting lots of light in (I'm saying that because my flat bedroom window faces a brick wall - charming). Love all the little decorative touches, succulents and graphic prints!


  2. Your flat is so homely and cute! And I love the dinosaurs!

    Morag x

  3. Love your window seat! <3 xo

  4. I love your sweet little flat! That window seat is glorious.

  5. I love the layout of your apartment. May I ask where you are living? I am moving to Edinburgh in April and I am currently trying to find a cute little place like yours. Where do you recommend moving? What price is realistic to pay for a place like yours? I've been looking at stuff online and find it rather grim. Any advice?

    1. Hi, if you could drop me an email (thisisjuliet[at] and I'll send you a bit more info x

    2. Hi there, I sent you a message. It might be in your spam folder - the email address I used might be classified as dodgy. Don't pay particular attention to it as it is a relict from the olden days ;) It was sent by Rike R.


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