Wednesday 14 January 2015


I've been so good in the January sales this year (partly because I hate the shops during the sales, and mainly because I'm skint), but I could not resist the WAH LONDON Ultimate Nail Art Kit from Boots, which currently is on sale for £25 (down from £80). Whaaaaaaaat.

I've been a big fan of WAH Nails for ages. A few years ago, when I was down in London for work, I popped into their Topshop salon for an impromptu visit, which started my love for nail art. Recently they launched a range of polishes and tools, inspired by fashion, street style, art and technology for all of your nail art needs.

I've been really lazy with nail art recently, so it was so much fun to have new nail art pens to play with!

The set contains loads of stuff, and comes in a super shiny, but really nice case.

There's tutorial cards to show you a few different nail art looks (including leopard print), a nail file, buffer, scissors, clean up brush, cuticle pusher, jewel tool, two pots of jewels (gold studs and little sparkly ones), instructions on how to use all of the tools, and four nail art pens (usually £7 each) and eight nail polishes (usually £9 each). Phew!

The polishes include: Biter's Beware, an acid yellowy green shade; Love My Team, a classic red; Mating Surfaces, a vivid lilac colour; Wifey4Lifey, a jelly pink; An Even Bigger Splash, a bluey green; No Nails No Life, a cool pink; I'm Real, a pinky brown nude; and Classy Glassy Glossy Topcoat, a super quick-drying glossy topcoat.

I used Mating Surfaces, Wifey4Lifey and An Even Bigger Splash, and I'm really pleased with how nicely the colours work together.

The nail art pens come in black, white, hot pink and yellow, and are ace - each pen has a double function, so you can either pull the cap off and use the pen nib (perfect for little details), or unscrew the lid to use the thin striper brush (which lets you paint graphic lines).

It's such a good kit, and I can't believe that there's still some left in the sale! If you're interested in nail art, I would hugely recommend this - it's such a bargain!


  1. I've seen this set before in Boots and have been tempted in the past! But I've heard great things for the nude coloured nail polishes from Wah London, lovely post and great nail art :-)

    Meg ♡

  2. Oh I think I'm going to get this! I saw this in the sales but just convinced myself I'm rubbish at nail art but at least I'd have the right tools to practice!? I got my nails done in Topshop last Christmas and had cute present themed nails with Xmas tree ring fingers - they were the best! Katey x

  3. Thanks for sharing this product! I have been learning more about Nail Art Kit and am interested in trying this!

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