Tuesday 23 July 2013

Sri Lanka!

Picture the scene.

I was in an Edinburgh pub (this one actually. Quite nice, quite cheap, annoyingly slow service though), with one of my very best girls (Raewyn. Her picture's been on here a few times). We were drinking large glasses of wine (of course) & I was spilling my heart out about how break ups are sad and weird and a bit knackering (they are. Of course they are.).

Rae interrupts.

"Let's go on an adventure!" she says.

I can't afford it. I have to sell a house, find a flat, pay all sorts of moving costs, yadda yadda ya.

"We'll go in December!" she says, eyes lit up. "Adventures!".

Now Rae is one of the most likeable, fun people I know. I am very much on Team Rae. And two-and-a-bit glasses of wine in, with self-pity on my shoulders, and the knowledge that a credit card was happily sitting in my wallet, I said yes & joined Team Adventure.

So I'm going to Sri Lanka! For AGES. HIYA.

Photo from blacktomato.com
It's going to be amazing.

We're flying out in December for three-and-a-bit weeks, stopping first in the Maldives for four nights (omg), and then flying to Sri Lanka and travelling across the island for the rest of the trip. I've never been away from home over Christmas before... and this year I'll be spending Christmas, New Year AND my birthday in foreign lands.

We're going to go to markets, visit an elephant orphanage (!), swim in the sea, wander along beautiful beaches, hang out with turtles, eat amazing food (I hope), and have an amazing time (I know). And I've only got... twenty weeks to wait.

If you've been to Sri Lanka before and have any tips on where to go or what to see, please suggest them! And if YOU are sitting, swithering over something that you maybe can't quite justify, just do it. And join Team Adventure too.


  1. This is a great idea - nothing like a holiday to cheer things up and Christmas is a great time to escape esp after a break up!

    A trip to Sri Lanka and the Maldives sounds like a little slice of heaven. x

  2. Wow that sounds amazing...I'm off to Cuba in November but only for 10 days...it makes watching everyone else going off on their holidays bearable!!

  3. This sounds amazing! I am rather envious. Yes to team adventure! Just remember - you will not regret it.

  4. My word this sounds amazing! Teeny bit jealous already; no doubt even more so when you return and share all your adventures. Enjoy!

  5. This sounds amazing! I am super jealous but I hope you have the best time! I know you will. Please update us all when you get back I am so looking forward to seeing all your pics! I'm sure it will turn out to be one of your most memorable christmases xxxx

  6. What a lovely blog post! Have an amazing time!

  7. YOU ARE AWESOME! And so brave! A trip to Sri Lanka sounds amazing, and I can't wait to hear all about it! I think I need to man up and join Team Adventure myself :)

  8. OMG!!!! So exciting. Your so lucky, I've never been there. I can't wait to see pictures.

  9. Thank you everyone! I can't wait! x

  10. OMG! You are going to Sri Lanka?!? I am so jealous, that is my favourite country. I was there for a month when I was at uni working in an elephant sanctuary. It is an amazing country, the people are so friendly and the food and scenery is amazing. Is it Pinnawalla elephant sanctuary you are going to? I have a few tips if so. Also, get a tuk tuk to Kandy...it is a beautiful town and you can go to the temple of the tooth. Adam’s peak is a good one to hike too, although I never got a chance to do it. Nuwara Eliya is cool and is where some tea plantations are in the middle of the country, in the hills – it is old colonial style so is quite interesting to see. Udawalawae national park is amazing and great to see elephants and other big animals in the wild and Aluthgama is lovely, by the beach and you can see turtle rescue centres and hatcheries. Millenium Elephant Foundation (where I worked) is better for getting up close and personal with the elephants. If Kumari is still there, say hi, she was my elephant that I looked after. Lets meet up and talk Sri Lanka! Sorry for this loooooong message – I just got a bit excited as I love the country! xxx


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