Thursday 18 July 2013

Burgher Burger

People of Edinburgh! You might want to take a look at this....

Burgher Burger (run by the very brilliant people from Jelly & Gin) is a guerilla dining experience like no other. They take an established chef out of their (posh) restaurant, stick them in an unexpected venue (usually a greasy spoon cafe), and offer up a three course set menu chosen by their chef of the night. It's a meat-loving, super-friendly* communal dining experience, that elevates burgers from lowly pub food to things to be worshipped. How awesome is that?!

*it's definitely not super friendly to vegetarians. Sorry veggies.

Burgher Burger disappeared from Edinburgh late last year, but is back (hooray!) for a super posh pop-up in the The Pommery Bar at The Signet Library during August. They've released the menu, which sounds pretty brilliant. Check it out...

 Starter: Chicken and corn soup with popcorn and polenta bread
Main: Beef burger with horseradish sour roll, deep-fried panko covered potato balls, chilli chutney and charred onions
Dessert: Pear and drambuie tiramisu

Tickets are £55, which gets you a cocktail, a three course meal and half a bottle of Pommery Champagne (so a bit of a bargain really). It's on for four nights over August, and tickets can be bought here:

p.s. if any of my pals are reading this and want to go - let's DO it!


  1. Totally tempted, been following them on twitter for too long. It may be time to take the leap.

    1. That's what I'm thinking! I remember reading about it last year, but not booking tickets in time & missing out - sad times!

  2. Oh I could so go a burger like that just now! Yum :-) Laura from Twinkle Style & Travel Magazine and A Life With Frills


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