Friday 11 May 2012

Zombie shoes

I try to be a bit of a grown up these days when making most clothing decisions, but when I saw these zombie shoes by Iron Fist I couldn't resist. Look at them!

Gold Digger flats*
THEY HAVE TEETH! (Surely all anyone wants from a shoe, yeah?).

Gold teeth charms AND a diamonte tooth accessory. Goodness me. They are ridiculous shoes. I know that. But still... I am clearly a sucker for ridiculous shoes because I started daydreaming about wearing them. At first I thought I would just wear them in the summer & over the festivals (where you can get away with ridiculous things), but now I think I might just wear them whenever I can.

Because surely everyone should own a pair of shoes that just makes them smile, yeah? (Even if everyone else thinks I'm a weirdo).


  1. Oh my gosh... these are AMAZING.
    I love zombies!

    1. Ha, I'm glad someone agrees! I just couldn't resist them.

  2. I love these!! My friend has the green ones =)

  3. Those are scary haha they're really cool though =)

  4. Iron Fist has some awesome shoes. I've always loved the zombie ones! I didn't know they made em in pink!

  5. Haha these are awesome, IF have a gorgeous pair of white stilettos with roses and thorns on them that I always like to touch when i see a pair :)

  6. These are pretty cool :) x


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