Friday 4 May 2012

Short short short fringe!

I've been battling against my horrible overgrown fringe for far too long, so made a much-needed appointment to get my hair cut this week (on reflection it has been two months since I last went - good grief!).

I got my badger stripe put back in (as I love it so), as well as the world's SHORTEST FRINGE. Eep.

I know it's better to get it a little bit too short when it is first cut so it grows into a nice shape, but I am a bit nervous about how much of my forehead is suddenly on show! I also need to get my eyebrows sorted out - the girl who normally does mine has moved to Glasgow (sob), and I'm not quite sure where's best in Edinburgh for threading. Somebody point me in the right direction please!

ALSO, here's a bit of a cheeky request. I don't normally put myself forward for blog things, but I love Cosmo so I thought I'd give it a go. Cosmopolitan are now taking nominations for their annual blog awards... and if you fancy you can put Ever So Juliet forward!

All you have to do is fill out this form (which will only take a minute or so) and put forward in the "Best Lifestyle Blog" category. Obviously only do it if you like my daft witterings! You can nominate as many blogs as you'd like... so spread the blogging love.

Have a lovely (long) weekend all!


  1. Lady Labia (Thats just what I call her) but no Labia near the top of Leith walk, just after Elm row is THE MAN (but shes a woman) for eyebrows. Honestly I've never known someone not to be happy and its only a fiver. Its tucked away in the back of a Sari shop :)

  2. class! love your new fringe :)

  3. Your fringe looks great, I love your badger streak! XxxX

  4. Yes your fringe is so short but so cool I. Love it


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