Monday 28 May 2012

Exploring the Scottish Borders

One of the nicest things about moving that wee bit further from town is that suddenly I feel SO much closer to the country. There's a country park about two minutes down the road, big farmers fields behind my back garden and the Scottish Borders are less than ten minutes away by car. So perfect!

So recently, Craig & I took advantage of the lovely, lovely, lovely weather we've been getting and went on a wee road trip.

We drove to the beautiful Traquair House, Scotland's oldest inhabited house.

We just wandered round the grounds, paused to take slightly awkward outfit photos, completed the maze (yay), kept running into lively theatre groups, picked daisies and drank tea.

We then drove down to St Mary's Loch, which was just beautiful! The clouds had started to creep in at this point so it wasn't particularly warm, but it was gorgeous!

We managed to *just* escape getting caught in a boggy marsh, I felt a bit overdressed (next to all the proper hikers that we there), but didn't care, and Craig taught me how to skim stones!

This is a look of genuine giddiness when I FINALLY managed to skim a stone, I am so rubbish at it!

It was such a lovely day of exploring - I highly recommended a ramble around if you are at this side of Scotland!


  1. Wow, it looks stunning. I love the look of pure joy on your face in the last photo! xx

    1. It was gorgeous! & ha, I'm such a child, I know x

  2. Wow amazing pictures! Ixx

  3. I'm always amazed at how hard it is to properly skim a stone - my dad is so good at it and i'm lucky if I can get it to skin twice. Most attempts fail! I love the Scottish borders always feels like you're surrounded by so much history!

    ps. love your dress btw!

  4. It looks so lovely there, that house is beautiful x

  5. Oooo it looks so quaint and beautiful there.

  6. No way - I live mega close to Scottish Borders too! Xx


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