Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Outfit: Very lazy days

I am a huge fan of hibernating over winter. As soon as my Christmas holidays start I like nothing more than zooming home, putting on my comfiest outfit & watching endless movies with lots of popcorn!

So I'd thought I'd share my current favourite cosy outfit (although it's worth pointing out that I only brushed my hair because we are actually - shock horror - leaving the house today... on proper hibernation days I scruff it up to the maximum!).

Cardigan - Joe Browns*
Dress - H&M
Leggings - Joe Browns*
Slippers - Primark
Joe Browns very kindly offered me to pick some things from their site, and I was immediately drawn to THE cosiest looking cardigan in the world (plus some leggings too, for super slouchy days). I cannot stress enough how warm and lovely it is - I have basically been carrying it around like a blanket as it's so soft and nice! It's also a surprisingly good length too, and looks really cute when teamed up with a skater style dress.

Necklace - Hannah Zakari
This locket is one of my birthday presents from Craig (I am a very lucky girl) & I am in love with it! It's a gold bird on a starry sky & is exactly my cup of tea - the boy did good! 

Polishes - Models Own (p.s. promise I actually have ten fingers).
I also got a set of the Models Own Mirrorball polishes for Christmas (thank you thank you thank you) which look amazing painted over a black base coat. I couldn't decide which colour to go for so I now have a different shade on each finger (of which I do have ten, sorry for the odd photo!).

And for maximum laziness, I've got these ridiculous but super cute slippers that I got in my secret santa at work. As I'm about to go out into the real world, I'll just swap these for socks & boots & I've still got a perfectly good outfit to slouch around the cinema. Perrrrfect!


  1. I totally love with this super cute slipper. It is so adorable when you wear it.

  2. I love this slouchy outfit. Right now I'm slouching in trackies, an old queen of the stone age t-shirt and a navy jumper (which clashes with all the black haha). Your slouchy outfit is way more glam than mine! And much cuter - loving the socks!

    1. Thanks! Honestly, I only dress nice-slouchy when I am going somewhere, I spent a lot of the holidays in my pyjamas! x

  3. Those slippers are amaaaazing! I need a new cute cosy pair, my old faithful pair are full of holes and let my toes peek through. Thanks for nothing, Santa. Your outfit looks super cosy, perfect for January :) xx

  4. Looks super cozy! A good cardigan is a must for slouchy days :)

  5. How cosy is that! I love Joe Browns =) Happy New Year! x

  6. You look adorable. Your nails as so rad and I love your little shoes/socks.

  7. Looking lovely as per :) So in love with your slippers, what a fab secret santa! xx

  8. I love your nail art. That’s very colorful. Your locket is very nice too.

  9. Nail art looks great, nice color combination.


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