Friday 17 November 2017


'Tis the season to be cosy! It's finally starting to get cold and frosty and I am here for it! I love winter jackets (especially after the horror of dealing with mild not-quite-jacket days), I love when it gets properly dark in the evening, I love cosy autumnal cooking (roasts! pies! soups!), I love frosty rooftops, and I love love love the total joy of being curled up on the sofa when it's grim outside.

It's been two years since I moved into my little flat and I still love it. My living room is colourful and full of plants, which helps distract from the fact that 99% of it is from IKEA or hand-me-down stuff, although I keep telling myself that some point soon I'll save for some of the things on my proper grownup wishlist... aka new balcony doors, a fiddle leaf fig, and a shiny 4K tv (if anyone's asking I'll take a Panasonic HDR 4K TV, thanks very much!).

As it's officially peak tv-watching time, I thought I'd put together a little round-up of the best things I've been watching, most of which can be found on Netflix or Amazon. Let me know if there's anything amazing I've missed!


I am a big fan of a crime drama, so it didn't take me long to get through Mindhunter, a show set in the early days of criminal psychology and profiling at the FBI. It's quite a slow burner, but once you're on board with that it's an engrossing and creepy look at serial killers.

Alias Grace is the newest Margaret Atwood adaptation, and it tells the tale of Grace Marks, a housemaid and immigrant from Ireland who was imprisoned (possibly wrongly) for the murder of her employer. It's based on a true story, Sarah Gadon is brilliant as Grace, and it keeps you guessing the whole way through as she recounts the events leading up to the murder.

I'm also excited that the newest season of Broadchurch is coming to Netflix at the end of the month! If you haven't seen the first two series they are both on Amazon, and Olivia Coleman is wonderful.


Ever since I finished Parks & Rec (the greatest tv show of all time), I've been looking for a comedy with short episodes (under 30 minutes) and recently discovered Brooklyn Nine-Nine, a comedy with Andy Samberg set in a Brooklyn police station. W1A is also good for a quick comedy fix (although, working in media, sometimes it feels a bit close to home!).

I absolutely adore Jane the Virgin, which is a lovely funny satirical romantic comedy telenovela, and the perfect show to lift your spirits. Equally funny is the musical comedy Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, a super smart show that is full of excellent and accurate songs (hi Let's Generalise About Men & Heavy Boobs), and is also handling mental health in a thoughtful, honest and funny way this season.


I'm going to assume you've all watched Making a Murderer already (if you haven't, get on it!), so if you are into crime documentaries, The Jinx is incredible. It is a fascinating look at the story of mega-rich real estate heir Robert Durst, who has long been suspected in the disappearance of his wife and the murder of a family friend. He's interviewed in the documentary and it is SO creepy.

Blackfish is a heart-breaking documentary about the orca Tillikum who has caused the deaths of several people while in captivity at SeaWorld. It's pretty intense and hard-watching, but had lead to really positive change - since it came out SeaWorld has announced it'll end its orca breeding programme and phase out all live performances using orcas.

On a lighter note, The Pixar Story is great (and makes you desperate to work at Pixar).

Guilty pleasures

I've always hated soaps, but there's a special place in my heart for tv that you can just totally switch off with. I started watching Outlander purely because they filmed bits of the first season in my hometown (honest!), but obviously got hooked and now here I am, glued to the show and having read all the books. Scotland does look beautiful in it though!

Skin Wars is my newest nonsense watch. Artists are challenged to take part in body painting competitions, and their work is really elaborate and impressive. My favourite total guilty pleasure is Keeping up with the Kardashians - it's such fluff, but I got hooked last summer (this is a PERFECT thing to watch post-break up) and now I can't stop watching. Help!


Everyone's up to date with Stranger Things, yeah? Even if you aren't a big Star Trek fan, Star Trek Discovery is great and well worth a watch. It's got a brilliant, interesting and diverse cast, and it feels like it's really starting to find its feet - I had been worried it would be too dark and intense and non-Trek, but every episode gets better and better. If you like this and fancy delving into more Star Trek, Deep Space Nine is the GREATEST and you should definitely give it a go.

The OA ain't for everyone, but I LOVED it. It tells the story of a blind young woman who returns after having been missing for seven years, with her eyesight restored. It's mysterious and creepy and thoughtful and poetic and weird and was right up my street. I also had a really good time watching 3%, a  Brazilian dystopian thriller that I powered through in a weekend.

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