Monday 27 November 2017


I've been flaky about foundation for years, drifting from one to the other based on what was on offer in Boots, or whatever vaguely matched my skin tone (and looking back on old photos, I think I was generally unsuccessful with my guesses). I'm wary about full coverage foundation (it just feels too heavy!), but I have wee red cheeks, and feel like I've forever been looking for something that balances out my skin, but doesn't feel too intense on my face.

Enter MAC. I was invited along to 'rediscover' their Studio Fix foundation and get properly colour-matched for the first time. I've only tried MAC foundations once, and didn't get on well with them, although this was back in the day when I used my fingers to apply foundation (the horror), so on reflection, I think I was definitely part of the problem.

MAC Strobe Cream and Studio Fix
Strobe Cream* - £25
MAC Studio Fix* - £23.50
Studio Fix is billed as a modern foundation that combines a natural matte finish and medium to full buildable coverage with various UVA, UVB and SPF protections. I was matched with shade NW10, and learned where I've been going wrong all these years - I've always tested foundations on the back of my hand, and the make up artist explained that really you should be aiming to match the tone of your neck and chest, so the colour all blends perfectly. 

I flagged that I was not a fan of heavy coverage (and that had put me off MAC in the past), and then was introduced to my new favourite thing, Strobe Cream. This is a super shiny hydrating moisturiser that is packed with iridescent particles to give you a lovely glow. You can either put it on before foundation, or mix it with Studio Fix for a lighter application.

MAC Strobe Cream before and after
Left - bare face
Right - after applying Strobe Cream
I left MAC with a full face of make up feeling lovely and glowy, but I knew the real test was whether I could actually do this at home with my scrappy make up techniques. Turns out, I totally can!

I've been using these products for just over a month, and I'm in love. My new routine is to moisturise as usual (using Aveeno, the very best moisturiser), and then use Strobe Cream instead of a primer. You can hopefully see above the effect it has - my skin goes from flat and dull to seriously glowy, and it provides a really good base for the rest of my make up. I use a damp make up sponge to apply foundation, which solves all of my coverage woes - Studio Fix is really easy to build up so I can get it just how I like it, and using a sponge means it applies really evenly. 

MAC Studio Fix and Strobe Cream

I add cream blush, and a bit of powder using the make up sponge (just under my eyes and around my nose/bits where it might start to slip) and that's it. The end result looks really natural, it feels light on my face, I've been really pleasantly surprised by how it lasts pretty much all day, and I think I've found a colour that actually looks like my skin. I'm so pleased!

I'll admit that at £25, it's unlikely I'd have tried Strobe Cream without prompting (as I am make up stingy), but now I have I am HOOKED. It's so great, it works so well under foundation, and you only use a tiny amount, so I reckon it's going to last quite a while. You can buy mini versions and I'm pretty sure MAC counters will give you a free sample to try, so I'd totally recommend giving it a go.

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