Monday 20 November 2017


I'm a big fan of Lush, and ever since they opened their first spa in Edinburgh, I've been steadily working my way through their treatment menu. Lush is animal-friendly, with fresh, 100% vegetarian products that are never tested on animals, and they use simple, minimal packaging. I know it's not everyone's cup of tea, but I love the signature Lush scent, and I'm easily won over by their quirky, cool style, which is reflected in their spa design and the treatments they offer.

Over the years, thanks to my family's tendency to get me a Lush gift card at Christmas,  I've had the chance to try quite a bit of what the spa has on offer: Synaesthesia (loved it!), Hard Days Night (not for me - turns out I am not that much of a Beatles fan), and the Comforter (loved it so much I've had it twice!).

This time round I was seriously considering getting a Comforter treatment for the third time, but as I'd been getting plagued with a really achey shoulder, I thought it was good opportunity to go for The Good Hour - Lush's only deep tissue massage.

Lush Spa Good Hour massage

The Good Hour promises 70 minutes (a good hour indeed!) of full-body, deep-tissue massage using trigger point techniques and jelly discs to set you free from long-term areas of tension. It's also themed around ships and sailors. Of course.

The music for the treatment fuses folk music with heave-ho sea shanties (think - hipster pirate songs), and your therapist massages you in time to the rhythm of the tide, as the sound of waves fills the room. I know that does sound a bit ridiculous, but if anyone can pull it off, it's Lush.

When you arrive (in the super cute spa that's hidden under their busy store), the therapist talks you through the treatment, inviting you to pick out a massage bar that they'll use (I selected the Hottie, a ginger and black pepper bar specifically designed for the treatment). When you go into the treatment room they put a Big Blue bath bomb into dry ice to give it all a misty, seasidey vibe, and the ship sound effects are in full flow - I thought it might be a bit cheesy, but the creaking ship and gently splashing waves are really atmospheric, and totally set the scene.

Lush Spa Edinburgh

The massage itself was great. Because I was keen to get the knots out of my sore shoulder (and I'm brave) I told my therapist to be pretty hard with the pressure (they ask you at the start, so you can flag if you are looking for a lighter touch!). Deep tissue massages are quite intense, but I could feel all the crunchy bits being worked out of my back, and particularly knotted bits were soothed with cold jelly discs which felt amazing.

I was really sensitive afterwards, and was advised to have a few baths over the next week, as my muscles were likely to be pretty tender. I was a little sore, but it didn't last long, and my grim achy shoulder has been great ever since!

The Good Hour is £90 for a treatment, which ain't cheap but it is good, so think of it as a special occasion treat. It was good to get a massage that felt like it was fixing something, but I think next time I'll go for one that's all about relaxation... I've got my eye on the Validation Facial, and I can but dream of Karma (definitely out of my budget!).


  1. Oh wow! That sounds incredible. I love how they use music and atmosphere as part of the whole experience. We don't have a spa here but I am keeping this in mind for next time I am up in Edinburgh!

    1. Yeah, it all works so well! The spa is such a nice, relaxing space, you'd never guess it was under such a busy shop.


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