Sunday 1 November 2015


I'm cheating and writing this a bit ahead of time, because when this goes up I'll be in my new flat! Yay! If everything's gone to plan, I'll have internet set up, all of the painting will be done, and I'll have started shuffling things over. Here's hoping it's a smooth move!

I've had a fairly exhausting week, sorting through all my stuff (how do I have so much?) and packing. I HATE PACKING. It's so boring and everything's so heavy, and as I write this my stuff is half-packed and I can't find anything. Aaaargh!

Anyway, here's my round-up of interesting links from the internet this week. I've scheduled a few posts so I'll be blogging as normal next week (come say hi on Monday, Wednesday and Friday!), but I'm going to be skipping next Sunday's link roundup to have an internet-free weekend... so this feature will be back in two weeks time. Got all that? Phew!

Succulent squash - The Jungalow
How beautiful is this original Star Wars concept art? The countdown is on to the new film, and I am EXCITED.

The Guardian goes backstage at MTV's Europe music awards, and it is hilarious.

I have been quite surprised (and ANNOYED) by how many people, after hearing I was moving into a new flat, asked if my boyfriend was moving in with me... and then looked quite weird/confused when I said he wasn't. Turns out it's not just me who gets asked this, or is driven a bit mad by it... in defence of not living with your boyfriend.

There's been a bit of chat in the press this week about JK Rowling's support of the Guardian's 'Culture for Coexistence' letter. One fan got so upset she wrote a massive open letter and (surprisingly?) JK Rowling responded

Bit of a controversial question, but should cyclists be allowed to run red lights?

I know Halloween has been and gone, but I couldn't resist linking to these properly scary Halloween costumes.

I get quite wound up by people whinging about people looking at their phone, but this is quite a sweet idea - a vending machine that prints short stories for you to read, instead of looking at your phone.

And finally, does "the absence of anything annoying or emotionally overwhelming; taking pleasure from the presence of gentle, soothing things" sound good to you? Then you absolutely need to embrace the Danish art of hygge.

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