Monday 9 November 2015


Geezo, October was stressful! I was so frazzled I spent the month battling bad skin (I've always been lucky with avoiding spots, so I don't know how to handle it when they do hit!), and prepping to move into my new flat... which I'm now in! The flat move hasn't been without MAJOR drama though (that will teach me to coo excitedly about it for weeks on end), but I'll update you on that later this week, when I have the mental strength to deal with it all...

Anyway, here's what October looked like for me.

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1. The weather continued (miraculously!) to be absolutely beautiful in October, with sunny days, blue skies and crisp Autumn leaves. It almost made up for how absolutely dreich the start of the summer had been. 

2. I got my hair cut and decided to do something a little different with the colour. I'm thinking of changing it up quite a bit next year (think dark, choppy, and short-ish!), so this time round I stayed bright and colourful. My hairdresser added pink tips to the end which I LOVED, but they faded super quickly and I'm not sure I'm brave enough to top up the colour at home!

3. I considered giving up sugar for a couple of months before Christmas (I did it earlier this year and it made me feel ace), but as this month was SO full-on, I realised I needed all I could to get me through! These massive doughnuts appeared at the Stockbridge Market one Sunday and I could not resist. 

4. Earlier this year Joshua found a Star Trek game in a charity shop, and as we're both suckers for dress up (and Star Trek), we held a mega themed games day! My costume was so easy to put together - black jeans, a black long sleeve top, a red boob tube, and an iron on patch. 

5. Josh also designed an amazing, massive and personalised command module for our gang to use (because he's an ace, mega thoughtful designer!), and we drank Star Trek themed cocktails all afternoon - this was a Beam Me Up Scotchie, and it was lethal!

6. Soba is continuing to be the world's grumpiest hedgehog, but I think he likes his life? Every month I worry that I'm feeding him too much and he's getting fat, and then I realise I have no idea what a fat hedgehog looks like...

7. But he still fits through all of his hedgehog tunnels and in his tiny house! 

8. I spent loads of time this month playing with Halloween makeup for my weekly tutorials. This was my favourite look - a super gory staple face, that looks quite realistic if you squint a bit! Despite all my pre-Halloween planning, my costume on the actual date was pretty rubbish - I had been painting my new flat all day so I was exhausted and couldn't face doing anything other than the most basic zombie make up. 

9. I was out in South Queensferry for work on the most freezing day (it gets pretty windy across the Forth!), but it's always cool to see the bridges - they are building a new one and it's just sort of magically rising from the water! 

10. I also dotted about the country again this month - going to Glasgow to visit the Turner Prize (more on that here), and down to London again for work. This was just a flying visit, but I got to stay in a super nice part of town, which helped make up for the train journey I had just had, where people totally disrespected the Quiet Coach (grrrr!). 

11. I have wanted a proper coffee machine for years, and moving house seemed like a good occasion to treat myself (I don't know why, seeing as I now have no money). Still, it's amazing and I'm so so glad I got it and can have lovely frothy coffee every day. 

12. Aaaaand finally, after weeks and weeks of waiting I finally got my house keys! It was traumatic from the moment I attempted to open the door, but I finally got in, and despite some (major) hiccups, it's getting there! I've been sharing loads of photos on instagram, and I will share some dreamy/drama stories from the new flat on Wednesday. Phew!

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