Wednesday 17 December 2014


This time last year I was selling my house, which was exhausting and stressful, and something I'd really happily avoid doing again for a very long time. But there was a nice side to it - as my house had to be spotless and looking pretty ALL THE TIME (in case a potential buyer requested a visit with no notice), the house was always filled with flowers, and I loved it.

Since then I've been on a mission to buy myself fresh flowers whenever possible... which can surprisingly be a bit hard to find without paying a fortune! There's a beautiful little florist just round the corner from my flat who sell gorgeous (and affordable) flowers, but they seem to mainly sell to trade so they're only open once in a blue moon. Supermarket flowers are a bit hit and miss - when tulips are in season, Tesco is the best best best, but their pre-made bunches are a bit boring and often don't last long.

So, that's why my latest internet find is SO exciting. Say hello to Bloom & Wild...

Bloom & Wild deliver a regular sized bouquet of flowers in a flatpack box that is small enough to fit through your letterbox. They source their flowers directly from growers (cutting out several stages that hold up supermarket and florists' flowers), which means their bouquets are normally only three days old by the time they reach you (and will remain fresh and pretty for much longer).

Each bouquet is designed by professional florists and comes with simple arrangement instructions, so if you have no clue what to do, help is at hand.

Aaaand did I mention, you can order it as a subscription? As well as one-off bouquets (from £20), you can arrange to have flowers delivered weekly, fortnightly and monthly. Subscriptions start at £50 for three months, £100 for six months, or you can set up an ongoing subscription for £15 a bouquet (which essentially is the cost of one takeaway per month).

They've also got an introductory offer, so you can get your first bouquet for just £10 (BARGAIN). 

I'm seriously skint from Christmas shopping, but come payday, I'm going to order some to arrive in January - if there's ever an excuse to treat yourself to something colourful, it's the start of a new year!

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