Monday 1 December 2014


What a fun month! I adventured in the sunshine, ate super tasty food, saw lovely friends, hibernated under a blanket on freezing nights, and managed to start my Christmas shopping like an organised person. And now it's the December (the best month of the year!). YES.

Here's what November looked like for me...

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1. I started the month on holiday in Portugal (and blogged about it here and here if you want to read more). We found a fish market in Lagos and cooked an amazing feast for our last night (well, Joshua cooked it. I made chips). It was lovely, I'm so happy that I have forced myself into liking fish!

2. We also cycled along some cliff tops, swam in the sea, lay on a secluded beach, and watch the sunset from this beach, glass of sangria in hand. I'd like to be on holiday every day, thank you.

3. Back to Scotland, and I went to a work thing with Visit Scotland, to look ahead to Scotland's year of food and drink. For breakfast (?) they served these AMAZING melty tunnocks things, which I declined (as it was 9am!), in the hope of eating one at lunch instead. To my horror, they didn't appear at lunchtime, and since then I have been dreaming of how I might recreate my own melty tunnocks wonder.

4. Being a blogger definitely has its perks, and one of those this year was working with No7 on their #tadah festive campaign. I was sent a few early Christmas presents (packaged up in seriously cute No7 snowflake paper), left to play, and I put together this so-easy-it's-cheating festive makeup look.

5. I also went along to a Christmassy event at Yuu Beauty, a lovely wee (and award-winning!) salon in Edinburgh, for a wee explore and to watch some treatment demos (which included getting my face scanned in a UV light thing that highlighted dry patches - weird!). I think I'll be back soon to try out a facial, so a more detailed post will be coming soon!

6. Aaaaand Christmas again! Each year I say to myself that I'm going to start my present shopping early, but I think this is the first year I've actually managed it! I've been on a mission to try and buy as much as I can from etsy and local shops, and it's so nice knowing that I don't have to spend my entire November paycheck on panicked present buying!

7. One of my missions this year was to have fresh flowers year-round, and I've done pretty well. These are surprisingly pretty flowers I picked up in Tesco, and they've lasted for ages too.

8. Edinburgh's Christmas celebrations officially started, and I went up to St Andrews Square to drink some mulled wine, and watch Scotch & Soda, a seriously cool gypsy circus act. Two days later, we were back for more hot toddy (I love hot booze!), and mildly terrifying ice skating (I didn't fall over though, hooray!).

9. We have a couple of 3D printers at work, so I printed the cutest fennec fox (I love foxes)...

10. ... and this, obviously very sensible, foxy business card holder! 3D printers are SO COOL - did you know that you can print things with moving parts? And you can print with sugar? Whaaaaaaat. So cool.

11. Aaaand, back to Christmas (sorry). I didn't have a Christmas tree last year, so I was super excited to get a real tree again (and even more so, because Ikea have the very, very best deal going). I decorated it this early (a bit early, I know), but I love it and it makes me so happy.

12. Foxes again! There's a lovely shop near me that sells all sorts of interesting wine, beers and spirits, and I'm on a bit of a mission to try out all of their craft beers. This one didn't disappoint!

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  1. I like your November instagram :)


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