Monday 24 June 2013

Outfit: lazy stripes

I'm a big fan of dresses (I dread to think how many I actually own... a clear out is possibly needed), but on slouchy days there's nothing better than some comfy jeans. Here's an outfit I wore to an afternoon in the cinema to see Lilou's Adventure & Man of Steel...  which turned out to be a bit of an odd combination of movies!

Denim shirt - Matalan
Strapless top - New Look
Jeans - Primark
Satchel - The Leather Satchel Company
Necklace - Forever 21
Shoes - Clarks flat shoes*
I'm so glad we have finally entered the season of not needing a jacket - life is so much more fun when you aren't lugging around a coat! Looking at this I realise that I really need to try and be more of a grown up and actually iron my clothes... but who has time for ironing? Not this girl, clearly.

I got the necklace from the massive Forever 21 store that recently opened up in Glasgow. I know some people absolutely rave about it, but I struggled to find much that I liked (apart from my EIFF dress, which I will blog about soon!). It was also just FULL of tiny teenagers buying tiny leggings, which made me think I am perhaps not their target market. Still, that's okay!

I am also still in love, as ever, with my beautiful satchel. Since getting it in January there have only been two days that I haven't used it, because it's so perfect that no other bag will compare. And it's still in great nick! Let's see how it survives the summer (and the madness of the Edinburgh fringe that will soon descend....).


  1. Very nice outfit! :)

  2. haha I never iron my clothes either...ooops! Love the necklace - I totally feel the same about forever 21, but will give it another go when I am next home. Hope you had fun at the EIFF party!

  3. Lovely outfit, I love the layering of the tops :) x


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