Monday 3 June 2013

May instagram

Shhh, I know it's June now. Here's what last month looked like for me...

Instagram username: @eversojuliet
 1. I spent my last day in London drinking MASSIVE milkshakes at the Diner (yum!). I wish there was a place like this in Edinburgh... if anyone has any recommendations then please share!

2. Tagged along with a pal to see some art & found this fun looking table, which made me want to dig out my old spirographs (they must be somewhere in my house!).

3. Wearing about five layers in the horrible it's-May-but-still-freezing weather Scotland's been having. & mis-matched socks, because I am an eternal scruff.

4. Say hello to the best mug ever! It's from ebay & it's awesome!

5. Bought some tiny succulents to sit on my desk, and I love them! I probably love them a little too much actually... I need to keep reminding myself that I don't need to water them constantly. Sorry, plant pals.

6. The perfect Sunday morning... a trip into town, coffee & a good book. Since moving to the suburbs I've been a bit lazy about coming to town on the weekends, and am glad I'm making the effort again.

7. Being a DINOSAUR (rarr) at the National Museum of Scotland's Museum Lates. Keep an eye on this page for details of the next one... if you haven't been yet (and live in Edinburgh) then you HAVE to go, they are so much fun!

8. Riley. Adorable. As usual. Yeah, I know, move on already.

9. Having a beer (!) in the sunshine (!) on the day of the Edinburgh Fringe programme launch! Hoooray, hello summertime!

10. My cherry blossom tree has finally perked up after a winter of looking very sorry for itself, and now has the loveliest pink blossom (apart from a big bald section, but shh, let's not talk about that bit).

11. & the flowers in my garden are doing well too! Here are some beautiful daffodils, that I felt guilty about picking.

12. The best news of all, summer seems to FINALLY have arrived in Edinburgh! Look how beautiful my home town is. Long may it last.


  1. Aw, this made me really miss Edinburgh - the last photo especially. I studied at St Andrews - doesn't seem that long ago but next year will be 10 years since graduation! - and spent lots of time in Edinburgh. Love it.

  2. Summer sun - "long may it last" - hear hear! :-)

    I'll be up in Edinburgh for the first week of the Fringe - currently on 21 shows booked for our 5 days - so looking forward to it! Keeping everything crossed that we all have a great sunny summer! x

  3. Love the star wars coffee mug. So rad.


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