Tuesday 18 June 2013

Fox girl painting

Hi! As we're half way through 2013 (I know, right?! Jeezo) it seemed like a nice excuse to chat about painting, and show you my most recent attempt. I restarted painting in January (as a new year's resolution) after years and years of neglect, and painted my first ever person this year (it was rubbish, but that's okay). Since then I think I've definitely found my stride again - or am getting there at least!

At first I'll sketch a really rough outline - I used to have to draw quite a detailed pencil sketch before I could paint, but now I just need the rough shape of the face and marks where the eyes/nose/mouth are going to sit. Then I start layering colours - I pretty much only use watercolours, mainly because I really love them & the blending you can get if you are patient (which I'm not really, but I somehow manage to avoid smudging things too often).

Bit by bit I start working on the features - building up shadows and colours, before using a super thin brush to add detail.

I still find painting hair really tricky, but I think I'm getting better (there's definitely more movement in this piece than Rosie's painting from February). & I think I'm starting to find a bit of a style - I love dark outlines, tiny details and shadowing too much to be a softly, softly pretty painter, but that's okay.

There's still lots to learn, but I love it!


  1. I really like that you have your own style Juliet - it's good to be unique and stand out! xxx

  2. Oh wow! That's gorgeous! You're so talented Juliet, this is stunning! xxx


  3. Your illustrations are amazing, I always admire them when they pop up on my instagram feed! You are a very talented lady. :)

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