Monday 20 June 2011


Good weekend! We went on a mini road trip to Peebles, saw Frightened Rabbit, were delighted that it was called Tweedlove (cause, I'm a Tweed) & sang along. Today was derby & a brilliant practice with some scrimmaging, then an outdoor screening of Indiana Jones (Raiders of the Lost Ark). Ace!

It was WET in Peebles. 

The river Tweed. Hiya!

We found an ace wee traditional pub. 

& ate really tasty food.

Then off to the gig!

Hi Frabbits!

Craig took a video on his fancy new phone, which is below. The sound quality is really good! & you can hear his lovely singing voice (har har har).

Thanks Tweedlove, that was fun!


  1. and thank you for coming!

    love Tweedlove

  2. Ha, thanks! Bring on next year (hopefully we'll actually make it for the bikes next time!).

  3. you have made me want fish and chips after seeing that great photo haha xx

  4. Aw! They were ace. Perfect Saturday afternoon pub food x


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