Friday 17 June 2011

Polka dot nails

Always amused that I freckle so much I get them on my fingers

Here's an incredibly easy thing to do if you have five minutes and want polka-dotty nails - just grab a spare kirby grip, open up the ends, dunk in nail varnish and dot on nails!

This was my very first attempt, so it is clearly a bit smudgy in some places and not very well mapped out in others, but hey! Next time I'll be a polka champion.

Busy, busy weekend ahead. Craig is back from a week-long surfing bootcamp tonight (hooray), then tomorrow we are going through to Peebles to see Frightened Rabbit play at Tweedlove. I am super excited about this as I'll see my wee pal Aimi (who I do not see hardly enough), but also I can pretend the festival is named after me! Good times.

Sunday is roller derby practice! I am excited, as I have been missing loads lately because of work/festival stuff/deadlines. So I will probably be horrifically knackered, but that's okay.

Have a lovely weekend everyone x


  1. Love your nails, I want to try polka dots next. Great tip too :)


  2. Great tip with the kirby grip!! Perfect!
    Nails look AWESOME! x

  3. Cheers! They are SO quick to do (although that might be cause I didn't really care if they were that neat!). x


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