Monday, 11 February 2013

French bulldog inspired wishlist

Craig & I are looking at getting a dog sometime soon (fingers crossed this year!), and I have the awesome job of researching breeds to see what type will fit best into our lifestyle & live happily alongside Riley. We'd wanted to get a rescue dog (Riley was a rescue cat), but most advice recommends getting a young dog so they can grow up alongside the cat without terrorising it... which opens up the wonderful world of puppies!

I never used to be a fan of small dogs, but keep finding myself coming back to french bulldogs - I can't resist their squishy little faces! I also didn't realise the whole world of french bulldog inspired items out there... look at this lot!

Top row

Bottom row

I don't know how work-appropriate the shoes are, but they are super cute! I want it all please.

Anyway, it would be criminal to publish this post without any photos of the dogs themselves, so here we go....

Photos from Love Maegan's french bulldog pinterest board
AWWWWWHHH. Hiya pups!


  1. Puppieeeezzzz!!! My stepbrother-in-law has a French bulldog puppy and he is a cutie.

    That's the one thing that makes me a bit sad about getting an adult rescue dog, that we never got to play with her when she was an adorable little puppy. But then, we never had to toilet train her either, so I guess you win some you lose some... ;)

  2. Oh my gosh! The most perfect post for me I've been lusting after a French bulldog for so long! H&M even have French bulldog dish cloths! I want a puppy so much :) xx

  3. I love French bulldogs so much, they are gorgeous! xx

  4. Awww so cute, I'm a huge do person, I especially love the chevron print phone case :-)

  5. Those dog pictures are so cute! Love the hugging ones. They look like a lovely breed of dog. Xx

  6. I love French bulldog altho top of my list is Boston terrier at the MP3.having said that,long term I want more of a country dog,so probs a collie!xx

  7. French Bulldogs are my faves after Pugs. You will spend a fortune on French Bulldog related items, trust me - I speak from experience! hehe.

  8. Pretty sure I need that jumper in my life. Soo cool!

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