Sunday 21 February 2016


Happy Sunday! Hope you've all had a nice weekend. This month feels like it's absolutely flying by, I can't believe it's what, the 21st, already?! Madness.

I've been enjoying a slightly quieter life, before the Festival kicks off next month. I've got a secret trip planned for Joshua's belated birthday present (we love secret trips), so I am counting down the days until that... less than two weeks to go!

I already have a few space prints up in my flat, so I should probably try to resist these, but they are so beautiful! NASA have released a series of beautiful space travel posters that are all free to download.

I have been absolutely rubbish at running this year (it's too cold! And dark! Weep!), so I am taking some motivation from the amazing Natalie Dormer, chatting about why she loves running.

Everyone went a bit mad over the Financial Times article this week, that smugly stated that today's 25 year-olds should be saving £800 a month. I cannot imagine ever having that much disposable income, and live in fear of my meagre pension. What are you supposed to do? 

Feel like you're just faking your way through life? You are not alone - imposter syndrome is totally a thing (and you've got to start giving yourself some credit).

Gaaaaah, getting offered 'exposure' for work (instead of payment or any reasonable compensation) is the worst. Here's an excellent rant about how the editor of the Huffington Post has really grim opinions on this.

Every now and then I think about start yoga - everyone seems to rave about it, so it must be good (right?), but it also looks SUPER intimidating and complicated. My lovely pal Lianne has just started classes, and I loved her experience of starting yoga (and the motivation of lovely jumpers!).

Have you seen the amazing video OK Go made for their new song - Upside Down and Inside Out? Go go go and watch it! They filmed it all in zero gravity in one of those fancy planes, with no special effects or fancy editing - the making of video is well worth a watch too!

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  1. That £800 a month thing is still making me laugh! I've spent most of my life in low-paid retail jobs where I've barely made that working full time! My running schedule has been pathetic this winter too but I'm starting up again now it's lighter in the evenings. That interview with Natalie Dormer is really encouraging. Also, I'm in love with her a bit!


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