Sunday 7 February 2016


I've had such a nice chilled weekend so far. My house is clean and full of fresh flowers (tulips are back, hooray!), and I'm drinking coffee and blogging with a sleepy hedgehog next to me.

All I've got to do today is cycle to my boyfriend's house (hopefully managing to time the ride with a gap in the rain), and then we're watching movies, eating food, and continuing the weekend laziness. I actually love a rainy Sunday, when you hibernate all cosy indoors. They are the best kinds of days!

I hope you're all having a nice weekend (ideally with coffee in hand, and pyjamas still on). Here's some interesting links to read if you are still refusing to get out of bed...

Flower arranging tips from a Brooklyn florist

Stop everything and look at this AMAZING emoji cake roll. Have you ever seen more amazing baking? I am in awe!

Got a vegan beau? Here's an ace list of vegan-friendly Valentine's presents.

I know we've all gotten over the Kanye twitter drama, but this is a really interesting take on it: what does the Yeezy–Khalifa twitter fight say about how Kanye views women?

As a kid who grew up in the golden era of Disney films, I'm pretty sure I'm always going to love them. Buttt, researchers have been studying Disney princesses, and have found a pretty major problem.

I really love this. The wisdom and reasoning of why you should have a fuck off fund. This is the first time in my life where I've actually been sensible about saving money (sorry mum). I realised I was spending loads on clothes that I wasn't really wearing, and definitely didn't need, so I'm going to resist lunchtime trips to H&M (unless I have a particular thing I honestly need or want), and start putting that money in savings instead. I'm aiming for a few really ace holidays, but it's good to have a safety net too!

Did you see House of Fraser's mega cringe-worthy #Emojinal social media campaign? I love emojis, but not like this!

And finally, how sad is this? A baby hedgehog lost all of his spikes due to his traumatic upbringing. Poor Derek!

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